E-Mail of the Week: Slightly Stupid Booking

Our pal McGriddle passed along this gem from his Inbox…

Autism Tree Project Benefit Update

The Belly Up offers their sincerest apologies for any misunderstanding about the April 15th charitable fundraiser for Autistic Children email. The band that is playing for this charitable event is called Slightly Stoopid, spelled with two oo’s. It was never our intent nor the intent of Autism Tree Project to suggest that the name of the event is called Slightly Stoopid.

We apologize to anyone who may have misunderstood our previous email, however, we are proud to be a part of this event and grateful to the band for their community contribution as this event will raise thousands of dollars for the charity. We encourage anyone who cannot attend to donate to the cause by visiting www.autismtreeproject.org.

The Belly Up Staff

Might as well give each attendee a copy of Green Day’s last album.

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5 Responses

  1. i read this and laughed out loud, literally (LoLL) and then I checked myself and looked at it again. Then proceeded to laugh my ass even louder.

    too funny. both classic and def. made for Leno’s headlines-agreed. great stuff.

  2. That is SLIGHTLY STOOPID, but TOOTALLY HILARIOUS!! Def one for Leno’s STOOPID headlines!! The Stoopid boys must have laughed their asses off when they heard this!

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