Open Thread: Summer Onsales Continue

Tickets just went onsale for Phish’s August 15 concert at Merriweather Post Pavillion with more onsales to follow later today and tomorrow. Let us know how you did by leaving a comment below. Good luck to all!

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  1. Denied for Darien Lake. Got several errors and some weird COMCATCHA’s (or whatever it’s called). Anyway it sold out in no more than 5 minutes so I struck out. For the hell of it went to TicketsNow at 11:06 and 350 tickets were available, how does that work? Were they all preorders? At least i’m going to Star Lake.

  2. Super easy. Went on at 11:00 and waited less than a minute for two lawn seats for Merriweather. Don’t know if I was just lucky or if other people got in right away too.

  3. Ticketbastard has really got me steaming. Everyone I know pulling Darien’s left and right from live nation, but I can’t get 1 merriweather.

  4. I pulled two Darian Pavs at 11:01, and could only get section 406 (pretty shit seats). That being said, I will be there so there is no use complaining

  5. I got in at 1 pm for saratoga asked 3 times for security password after being put in a waiting room. Fucking live nation sucks now 6 minutes in a get a screen saying tickets are not available online. This company should be dragged out back and beaten!

  6. Zappafrank got one 2-day Pass to the Gorge!

    Hampton Lottery: Fail
    Hampton Sale: Fail
    Shoreline Lottery: Fail
    Gorge Lottery: Fail
    Gorge Sale: I beat you TM! You Suck Balls.

  7. was successful on gorge, as were many in the crew, and got a premier parking pass. still, seems to be a lot of tickets selling WAY too fast. Phish is not this good.

  8. Agreed

    Phish is not this big!

    Its a scam….

    If Phish or that idiot Capshaw gave a damn they could stop this..

    I wonder if the band knows how fucked this whole thing is?
    Or is just Capshaw that fucking toad!

  9. Went to an outlet where it was just me & a scalper (God blesses us who live in LDS country). It was a supermarket & everyone who worked in the place knew his name. He let me go first, but i stuck around to see him dump $250 after $250 on two day passes. Think that ticket will be pretty easy to come by. Hope he end’s up w/ a bunch he can’t sell. Even the bag boys thought this was a pathetic way to make a living.

  10. Hello i would like to let the public know how we are all getting ripped off by (drum roll) our old friend Ticketmaster. I along with many other fevered Phish Phans have been awaiting this summer since ’04’ in Coventry to come our way, well it did and the tickets sold out in a matter of seconds, i went online yesterday to get my tickets for the Gorge shows and guess what, as soon as the time came for them to go on sale, oooops they were sold out, hmmmmm well then i started searching around i came across several so called ticket agencies selling the 49.95 ticket price for 125. on up to 1,200 dollars (no joke) well one of these companies who have bought all the tickets from Ticket master is owned by (drum roll) Ticketmaster, thats right they buy all the tickets up and tell the fans they are sold out then turn around and post them for sale at much,much,much higher prices at another company???? Am i just dumb or our we getting takin for ride on the magical mystery ticket ride? Lets put this to rest and not feed the beast, does the boys of Phish know about this? Is this not a form of ticket scalping? What is next????? Please lets get the word out…. Like me i am sure alot of fans of Phish and other bands are being robbed and let down for not being able to see their favorite bands.

    Thank you
    Teresa Neathery
    Pacific University

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