HT Review: Jeff Tweedy Solo – One Day He’s Gonna Say “Ain’t You My Dad?”

Perhaps it was just a coincidence that he pulled from almost every major album he’s made, but I think it’s a bit more calculated than that. Tweedy seems very detail-oriented when it comes to his performance. At one point during the show he made note that a lot of the requests he had received were also songs he played the last time he was at The Calvin Theatre. The thing is, he hadn’t played there in well over three years!

Footage from the last song of the night, performed without amplification:

On stage, Tweedy is surrounded by a fortress of acoustic guitars and more than enough monitor wedges (perhaps done for aesthetic effect more than audio reinforcement). A personal highlight was seeing a solo performance of Remember The Mountain Bed, a nine-verse tune off of Mermaid Avenue Vol. II. This tune always struck me with a strong Bob Dylan vibe (the lyrics from Woody Guthrie certainly help that), so I had to chuckle when it was immediately followed by Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard. Heavy Metal Drummer performed on an acoustic 12-string served as proof that Tweedy can hold his own as a guitarist and that the man is not up there simply strumming chords. Overall, great show and I hope Wilco puts together a comprehensive tour to support the new album this summer.

Spiders (Kidsmoke)
I’m Always In Love (w/harmonica)
Remember the Mountain Bed
Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard
Jesus, etc.
One By One
Everlasting Everything
Someday, Some Morning, Sometime
The Ruling Class
Wait Up
Muzzle of Bees
In A Future Age
Forget the Flowers
California Stars
A Shot in the Arm
Via Chicago (w/harmonica)
Fake Plastic Trees [Radiohead]
Wilco the Song
Heavy Metal Drummer (crowd singalong)
Casino Queen
I’m The Man Who Loves You
Dreamer In My Dreams (played at edge of stage w/o PA system)
Acuff-Rose (played at edge of stage w/o PA system)

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