Phish in Texas: Stop Calling Fagot

Remember when Phish used to be a secret society of sorts? Those days are a distant memory as a rumor a member of Phantasy Tour made up about a festival in Georgetown, Texas gained so much momentum that the FOX affiliate in Austin just ran a story telling us what those of us with some common sense knew – Phish won’t be playing a festival on a farm in Texas.

This story starts when Phish posted a video on that uses Google Earth to zoom in on John Fagot’s farm outside of Austin. A PTer posted a falsified account of talking to the town officials where the farm is located in which the official hints that a group with a dedicated following was in talks to throw a festival in Georgetown. Most members of the message board saw right through the lies, but the rumor took on a life of its own after a number of blogs posted the account without verifying its authenticity.

The PTers who made up the story came clean almost immediately but the damage had already been done. Tonight, the FOX affiliate in Austin featured a segment debunking the rumor that aired on the 5 O’clock News…

Nice fact checking by the Fox 7 news team all around.

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