Video: The Dead On The View


The Dead – The View

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  1. Was that performance supposed to entice folks into checking them out?
    They have never looked pretty and for those of us hallway boogie get down people, the visual aspect of the GD never meant a ton. But, the musical aspect was the king. Could it be time to retire the whole thing with grace and dignity? Why not a few last blowouts at Golden Gate Park and Central Park with a youth orchestra playing a medley/suite as people leave?

    Just a thought.

  2. Everytime I see Bobby he seems to have reincarnated Jerry Garcia. The beard and hair keep getting more grey and the belly keeps gettin bigger. Love you Bobby, you to Phil and Warren

  3. Why can’t you people just be happy that the music is still alive. No one is forcing you to buy a ticket or even listen from the lot, so just don’t go, keep your damn mouth shut, and let everyone else have a good time.

  4. Hmmmm, sounds like ‘Jon’ would like to be king of his own country, but until then…this version of the Dead is pretty horrid and everyone is NOT having a good time. that ended in ’95…

  5. The Birdsong at ‘Angel’ was one of the sweetest I have ever heard.

    You’re right, the Dead suck now. Don’t go. (Leave more tickets for us).

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