God Street Wednesday: When She Go

Picking my favorite GSW song was a lot harder than I thought. They certainly have plenty of fun songs that I used to love dancing to when seeing them live years ago. But over the course of time, GSW was one of those bands that sort of fell out of sight/out of mind in terms of my listening frequency.

[Photo by Charlie Watts]

When they stopped touring and I stopped being able to see them live, I stopped listening to their music for long stretches of time. Not on purpose, just because they didn’t really enter my thought process when decided what to put on the iPod or in the CD player. I am not a big “random shuffle” person but last year I was out walking and was rolling the dice with the shuffle on my iPod. The version of When She Go from the 4-17-94 Penn State show came on and almost stopped me in my tracks.

It probably had been at least two years since any God Street Wine had seen the light of day on my iPod but hearing When She Go, with it’s playful reggae feel, reminded me of just how much fun GSW’s music was live and still can be when just walking around town on a nice day. The harmonies in When She Go always sounded great to me with Aaron Maxwell’s booming voice shining through, especially at the end of the song. The breakdown, with Lo singing and Aaron repeating in his unique way, is irresistable. The song never appeared on a GSW album so it can be a tough one to find. But that 4-17-94 Penn State show can be found here and is well worth grabbing beyond just When She Go. The whole show rocks and serves as a great reminder of a band that was always fun and never gave anything less than 100 percent.

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  1. God Street had SO many great songs. I’ve been listening to them a lot recently, and had forgotten about so many great tunes. In addition to When She Go, they had a ton of GREAT songs that never made an album: Epiphany, Bring Back The News, Twitchin’, Vanity Street, and 6:15 to name but a few off the top of my head.

    I’d have to say, however, that my all time favorite GSW songs have to be Waiting For The Tide, Girl On Fire, Into The Sea, Which Way Will She Go?, and Goodnight Gretchen.

    Damn, I forgot about Borderline, Hellfire, One Armed Man, … I could probably go on all day.


  2. I only saw GSW once, 9-3-01 it was their Reunion show in honor of The Wetlands closing. It was my second-to-last Wetlands show and they were great.

    I listen to them on my iPod frequently enough.

    I’m a big fan of “waiting For the Tide” and “Wendy” to just name two.

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