World Premiere: McLovins – Bri (In Memory Of)

We’re honored to host the World Premiere of McLovins’ latest video, Bri (In Memory Of). The McLovins are making their New York City debut next Friday night at Sullivan Hall where they’ll be opening for Strange Design. Please head out to Sullivan Hall to support our friends who may be young but are insanely inventive. Let’s take a look…

This song was written by request and here’s the story behind it…

The boys were asked by Jerry if they’d write a song for Brian, who was an important part of the fabric of the Phish community and recently passed away. The song is a celebration of the life, love and deep friendship that Brian had with his Phish brothers and sisters, who felt fortunate to also reunite for two last Phish concerts together in Hampton. His friends were most amazed that he even made it to Hampton at all. Jerry believes that it “is a testament to the power of Phish and more importantly, music in general…”

Jerry wrote that: “Brian was a wandering, free spirit and at his memorial I read a poem that I wrote that explained how his ability to really, truly LISTEN to his closest friends and family was his greatest asset.”

Jerry is in the process of working with either the Mimi Fishman Foundation, Waterwheel or The Mockingbird Foundation to raise some money in his name with the goal afterwards to begin the process of his personal Foundation with his family.

Head over to McLovins’ YouTube channel for more of their videos.

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8 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great memoriam for a great person and phish lover. Props to HT for giving this some e-ink. Also, respect to the McLovins for their continued, ever growing following.

    People, sites, orgs like HT, Sullivan Hall and Pete Mason from PhanArt deserve a pat on the back for recognizing McLovins talent. I guess in that same regard, PT deserves some credit too.

  2. Fucking amazing… these kids make me feel like I haven’t done shit with my life. The guitar could use a little less reverb but I’ve got nothing on these guys. I’ll look forward to hearing how their set went!

  3. A great testament to a wonderful person! Many thanks and much love to Jerry, Mclovins and HT for making this happen.

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