Grousing The Aisles: Allgood – 01/04/1994

In the tradition of welcoming our favorite bloggers to contribute to Hidden Track, I’ve asked Don de Leaumont of The Great Southern Brainfart to help revive the long dormant Grousing The Aisles series of columns. Don has shared many amazing recordings – and plenty of engaging articles – at The Great Southern Brainfart. Every couple of weeks he’ll stop by to tell us about a show we’ve just gotta hear. Take it away Don…

Allgood 01/04/1994 – Augusta, GA SHN, STREAM

Allgood (originally called Allgood Music Company) was formed sometime around 1989-90 in Athens, Ga. The band was coming into their own as part of an quickly growing music scene not just in Georgia but an east coast scene that was soon to be known as the “jam band” scene. Allgood found great company in like minded bands such as Widespread Panic, Phish, Spin Doctors and Blues Traveler and in 1993 after releasing their first major label album Uncommon Goal were invited to participate in the 2nd HORDE festival tour. The band picked up a die hard fan base in the Southeastern part of the country but never quite found the level of success that a lot of their peers were picking up.

In 1994, Allgood was on top of their game and playing like a well oiled machine as they cranked out their own form of Georgia boogie woogie jam rock. The live shows were energetic and full of life and this show catches them in a magical moment. Pulled from a mobile soundboard recording, this show is one of a couple of shows that the band played at the now defunct Post Office in Augusta, GA. Songs from these shows were chosen by the band to be used for an upcoming Live EP, their last A&M release Kicking & Screaming. It’s such a shame that this band wasn’t bigger but this show is a great testament of the great musical imprint that they left behind. I’d like to think of Allgood as a great musical archaeological find. As the years pass, I can only hope that music loves will dig deep and find this wonderful gem, dust it off and share it with any and everyone.

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  1. Nice work Don. I used to see Allgood throughout my later high school years and into college in Athens, GA in the early 90’s. They were always a good time and a great show.

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