Caption This Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Perry Farrell

If this is what is going on at Coachella every year, I’m glad I’ve never been…

Leave a comment below with a caption and if your entry is the best we’ll give you a hearty round of applause. Let’s see what you got…

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31 thoughts on “Caption This Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Perry Farrell

  1. Andrew Reply

    speak louder into the microphone

  2. Alan Reply

    Did I leave my formerly amazing cutting edge band in here?

  3. N8 Reply

    Porno for Posers

  4. N8 Reply

    Perry Farrell forgets for a second that he’s gayer than a fannypack on a unicorn.

  5. daz Reply

    Perry Farrel optimizing his much loved vocal reverb during a recent show.

  6. jimmyz Reply

    Damn that Navarro! Why does he always have to slip in through the back door?!!

  7. craig Reply

    hey mom! mom!! over here!! look at me! mom mom mom!!! look look! pay attention to me!!

  8. Creskin Reply

    It/He/She may be a Post-Op Tranny but It/He/She still has a Man-Hole to chow on.

  9. face=melted Reply

    This isn’t where I parked my car!

  10. bodie Reply


  11. jr Reply

    What really sets her act apart from all the rest is the freaky dude shoving the ping-pong balls in with his tongue.

  12. B EASY Reply

    something something about Jewish men’s affinity for Asian women.

  13. jozzer Reply

    During a cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, Perry Ferrell sings, Hello, is there anybody in there.

  14. fluffdead Reply

    And It’s just a BOX of rain

  15. Oliver Reply

    That’s a really good looking turd.

  16. Paul Reply

    Smells Like Teen Spirit!

  17. johnnyuno Reply

    MMM…I’m inspired to write a new song…”Smells like cougar spirit”

  18. flapdonger Reply

    Do you smell what I smell?

  19. flapdonger Reply

    Been caught smelling once…….

  20. damon Reply

    “I told you we should not have used the mic for that again.”

  21. damon Reply

    “Makes me long for the days when a mic just smelled like beer and puke”

  22. Adam Z Reply

    “Going down the mountain!!!”
    Jane Screams

  23. Jon Reply

    See I told you I was lip synching!

  24. mike Reply

    I wonder if he’s lip syncing???

  25. Peterphan Reply

    “Baaacon’,,,I smell BAAACONNNNN!!!!!

  26. mr bernstein Reply

    there they are, i’ve been looking for my keys all over

  27. David K Reply

    Im going away to Spain when I get my money saved, gonna start tommorow……..

  28. Justin T. Reply

    New way of doing a Pelvic Exam, up close and way to personal now.

  29. Tony Gustamato Reply

    OK, now open your mouth really wide and we’ll see if I can blow this turd out to the sixth or seventh row.

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