GTA: Leftover Salmon – 02/01/1995

Leftover Salmon – 02/01/1995 SBD Boone, NC [MP3] [Stream]

1994-1999 or so was a great time for jambands. Some of the best bands of the genre were at their peak in this time frame and Leftover Salmon was one of them. They developed their own style, a hybrid of Zydeco, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass and Country music that the band referred to as “Polyethniccajunslamgrass”, but it wasn’t until the jamband scene exploded around ’94 or so that Leftover Salmon started to make waves.  The band toured relentlessly all over the country making a name for themselves and putting on high energy shows that literally left you feeling exhausted by the time the last song of the night was being played.

I was lucky enough to see a few incarnations of Leftover Salmon and in my opinion, this lineup right here will always be the creme de la creme for me. The lineup at this time was Vince Herman (guitar/vocals/washboard), Drew Emmitt (mandolin/fiddle/guitar/vocals), Mark Vann (banjo), Tye North (bass guitar) and Michael Wooten (drums). I never saw a “bad” Leftover Salmon show and I caught them whenever they rolled into town.

This show you are about to listen to is Leftover Salmon at its finest. It’s crazy, it’s kookie, it’s fun and it’s 100% gonna make you smile. From their covers of Brain Damage and Paint It Black to all of the insane stage banter, THIS, my friends, is the magic that was and still is Leftover Salmon!

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