GTA: Charlie Hunter & Pound For Pound

Charlie Hunter & Pound For Pound: Zurich, Switzerland – 10/30/1998 [MP3] [Stream]

Jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter crossed over into the jamband scene thanks to the 1998 release Return Of The Candyman with his new combo Pound For Pound which featured Stefon Harris on vibraphone, John Santos on percussion and Scott Amendola on the drums. This album and line-up is considered by many to be his greatest effort and to be honest, it’s my personal favorite of anything he’s ever done.

Pound For Pound hit the road opening for Galactic on their Crazyhorse Mongoose tour and this is where I first fell in love with Hunter’s music. I remember seeing him on stage and me and my buddy counting all the instruments on stage and saying, “Where’s the bassist?” As we got closer, that’s when our jaws dropped at what we were seeing… an 8 STRING GUITAR!  What the…

This particular show features a different lineup than the “original” Pound For Pound lineup and featured  Bryan Carrott on vibraphone and Willard Dyson on the drums.  They really brought it in a huge way on this show and I dare to say that it’s even as good if not better than what was captured in the studio.  This is a great sounding set.  It’s a warm, gorgeous soundboard recording from the Jazzno Jazz Festival in Zurich, Switzerland. I hope you all dig deep into this one. It’s a true gem!

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  1. nice! one of the earliest DAT tapes I ever traded for. The quality of the recording is so crisp.

    definitely going to revisit this afternoon.

  2. Stefon Harris is a treat to watch. He showed up at Matt Murphy’s in Brookline for Geoff Scott’s Tuesday Night’s a bunch of years back and it was a crazy setting to see him in.

    There’s not a huge group of modern vibes-masters, but Harris is definitely one of them. His studio debut A Cloud Of Red Dust is a great disc.

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