Hors d’Oeuvres: Rothbury Headliners

The producers of Rothbury have unveiled the lineup schedule for this year’s headliners. The String Cheese Incident, in their only appearance of 2009, will be the final performer on Friday July 3. The Dead, making their only Summer appearance, headline on Saturday July 4 and Bob Dylan followed by Willie Nelson & The Family Band close out the festivities on Sunday July 5.

Tickets are currently available through Rothbury Ticketing.

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Finally, The Dead played three shows in the Tri-State area this weekend and the reviews I’ve read run the gamut from “trainwreck” to “horrible” to “amazing” to “best Dead-related show I’ve seen since Jerry died.” Jeff and I will get a chance to check them out for ourselves over the next two nights at the Izod Center in New Jersey. Have you seen The Dead? Let us know what you thought about the show by leaving a comment below…

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  1. Dead at the Garden – Enjoyed the First Set, Second Set never really got started. Drums should not have been the first song of the second set. Brokedown Palace was good but they should have closed with a rager.

  2. Nassau or Nauseous not sure which? Shakedown (Vending outside for you non-heads) was amazing. Inside, all over the place but fun nonetheless.

    The Garden- Simply spectacular! In and out of the garden he goes. There is no better energy or better place to see them indoors IMO. No better! 22 years since my first show and still truckin! I loved every minute of Saturday nite.

    Enjoy Branford – I have seen him with GD three times… should be a great two days.

  3. It’s tough to complain about singing along to Sugaree inside of MSG, but I thought Saturday night left somethin to be desired, namely in the jams. But Chimenti was really strong all night long, he sounded great! Enjoy NJ!

  4. Show was great, I’ve seen tons of GD related stuff post 95 and this was one of the best. Energy was off the charts, He’s Gone and China>Shakedown were sick. Second set flowed like a springtime mountain stream. Onl negative was Brokedown encore, but an ode to MSG nevertheless.

  5. I was at Nassau and MSG and enjoyed both shows, though MSG was far superior IMHO. Nassau had some rough patches and the band is still doing false starts and forgetting lyrics (LLR, GDTRFB). The second set energy was dispersed by the 3 song acoustic set and then a break, and then Alabama into a long dark star/space jam. I loved it, and was far out there with the band, but people all around me on the floor were sitting and even laying down. It was really a spacey set and if that’s not your bag, you’re probably hatin on it.
    I thought MSG was sick start to finish. The energy was there for a big jerry set with china>shakedown, he’s gone and sugaree. I liked the second set starting out of space, and to meld into phil starting a really trippy take on the cryptical was smooth. The whole set flowed from start to finish with no stops. And they nailed every word and note to gimme shelter, which blew the roof off the place. Awesome!

  6. I too went to Nassau and MSG. Nassau had some strong moments, although most were in Set 1. Set 2 had some momentum issues due to the acoustic mini-set.

    The energy inside the Garden was electric. Great set. Great effort. All in all, this band is playing to the top of their abilities. Just the the GD, when you take risks, you chance falling on your face a few times. The rewards are worth it though!

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