Grousing The Aisles: Mazzy Star 11/12/1994

Mazzy Star – Chicago, IL 11/12/1994 [MP3]

There’s not too many Mazzy Star live shows floating around so being the fanboy that I am of this band, I’ll take what I can get. This is an amazing soundboard recording from the Cabaret in Chicago which I feel truly captures the feeling the mood of Mazzy Star. The band was well into a lengthy tour supporting the now platinum So Tonight That I Might See album. This tour at times seemed to hurt the band more so that help them artistically. It’s kind of like wearing a wedding dress to a hole in the wall bar. The band’s melancholy, warm sound was gobbled up in many of the club venues by clinging beer bottles and talkative audiences just holding out to hear “that song”.

The audience in this show is VERY responsive and appreciative of the band and they actually shut up and get quiet during the songs, allowing them to be presented in a warm, comfy environment that envelops the songs as they should be. The band rises to the occasion and present each song with passion and energy to the appreciative crowd. This is exactly how I wish I could’ve seen them back in the day and this is the way that I always imagine seeing them if they were to ever return to us. The fantastic quality of this top-notch bootleg makes this show a must download. Enjoy!

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