Briefly: Big Red In Our Nation’s Capitol

Phish guitarist and Drug Court graduate Trey Anastasio will host an event marking the 20th anniversary of the Drug Court program tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington D.C. according to the Washington Post.

UPDATE 10:50PM: Longtime HT commenter Oliver kindly tells us about his experience at tonight’s event in the comment section. READ ON

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  1. Thanks for the newsbreak – after reading it I had a twinge of regret for not living in DC anymore. But that quickly dissapated knowing that I’ll be seeing the former 70VP vocalist and friends a mere train’s ride away from the charming and beautiful NYC in ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 27 days.

  2. Seeing Trey’s name again in the same sentence as Drug Court petrifies me…I’m glad this time it is for a performance and not a banned substance…

  3. Oliver, please keep us updated! We’d love any info from the show. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. I would also note that those items say nothing about an acoustic set, only that he is “hosting.” More to come.

  5. Trey’s acoustic set at the Newport Folk Fest got me so jazzed. I new that day they would be back soon…I said to the people on the bus back that it was coming…

  6. It was a nice event in a big hearing room in one of the Senate office buildings. No booze, fruit plate, cookies. I had to do something before so a friend and I slipped in with smiles around 7:15. Things were wrapping up by that time, but I didn’t see any amps or anything. From the looks of the event it wouldn’t really be appropriate for music and probably 2% of the people there knew any of his songs. I missed whatever words he said as far as “hosting” the thing.

    Trey was off to the side chatting with folks. A small line formed up and he graciously spoke with those waiting around. My friend and I stepped up and he couldn’t have been nicer and introduced himself like we didn’t know who he was. Basically just shook his hand and said I was excited for the Gorge, he signed an autograph (“all the best”) for me and took a picture with my friend. Just a nice, casual guy. My friend went to UVM so they chatted a little about Vermont.

    He was telling the people in front of us how he loved the family vibe backstage at Hampton as opposed to the shitshow at Coventry (“We had 3500 people on the guest list and not one kid”). Seemed to be real happy. Cool guy. Really nice to meet him.

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