Stormy Mondays: Celebrating Soulive

March was the tenth anniversary of Soulive – stunning how time flies – and so to celebrate that noteworthy occasion, this edition of Stormy Mondays features a killer dose of Live Soul Groove. I was a huge fan of the trio back in the day, and while I don’t see them nearly as often nowadays, I know how big an impact they had on my listening and tastes simply from the fact that I still find myself singing Steppin’ and Cannonball in the shower regularly.

And so what we have here is some serious old school organ trio, the show closing 40 minutes from Soulive’s final gig at Wetlands in the spring of 2000: Right On > Jam > Church > Turn It Out. The first two are laced through with Who Knows teases (at the time my buddy Dave shouted out, “It’s like they’re playing two songs at once!”) , and man, the Turn It Out is just the funky best thing I’ve ever heard. A belated cheers to Soulive on their anniversary; may there be many, many more. And as always, enjoy!

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  1. Happy 10th indeed to Soulive. I think they turned a lot of the “jam” kids onto Jimmy Smith and the whole genre – and that’s great.

  2. One of the most under appreciated bands in music today….have seen them around 20 times now and they never fail to impress me. Rock On Soulive….heres to another 10 years of great jazz jammin.

  3. just when i thought soulive couldnt get any more progressive, they went and dropped their most recent album. Do not sleep on this release folks. Agreed big time w/ Ry Guy ^^; kraz, neal and alan are very underappreciated and deserve any/all notoriety/fame/riches that find them. Cheers to Soulive. Here’s to another ground breaking 10 years.

  4. this weeks podcast was very good. it had a blend of organ rock and plain old soft rock. Keep this Up!!!

  5. love soulive but there seems to be a problem with the download. mediafire says the file isn’t there.

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