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Sorry for veering off topic this morning but last night I came across a fun 10 minute documentary about baseball card collecting that brought me back to my youth. Did you collect cards as a kid? If so, be sure to check out this video of Joe Rock conducting business at his Baseball Card Dugout store in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn that shows how much things have changed and how much things have stay the same since we were kids…

The Baseball Card Movie by Casimir Nozkowski

[HT – Metafilter, via Kottke]

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  1. I walked by that shop last spring when my wife and I (then girlfriend) were looking at a restaurant down the block for our wedding reception. I couldn’t help but stop in and talk to the guy about my 59 Ernie Banks and my X-Men issue 26.

  2. I lived at the corner of 2nd Place and Court for 2 years and walked by this place almost daily. I never went in and am not a collector of Sports memorabilia. But I always wondered how they stayed in business and who still collected sports cards.

    As a kid I collected a types of comic book stuff. In my early teens records took the place of comic books. Now I only collect records and can relate to the devotion these people have for collecting.

  3. If you multiplied the obsession with jambands times about 15, that’s how into baseball cards I was as a kid. My friend and I once saved up money for a whole summer and went halves on a Reggie Jackson rookie card.

  4. How does going halfs on a card work exactly? I used to love the thrill of ripping into a pack of cards. It kinda reminds me of the moment between songs at a Phish show when you have no idea what’s coming next.

  5. We used to take turns possessing it and always said we were gonna sell it when we finally got drivers licenses an use the money to go to the Atlanta Olympics. Needless to say, I still have it. I think someday when he has a kid, I’ll send it to him/her for a birthday present.

  6. @ Scotty. I remember that feeling of opening the packs of cards and the description you gave between Phish songs is a great analogy. Oh, the anticipation (and really stale gum – yuck Topps!) Yeah, I was a tomboy. I still have most of my ‘good’ cards. A Mark McGuire error card from 88 Tops that’s now worthless. A 92 Jordan/White Sox Upper Deck. A Griffey Jr. rookie card or two…my dad has given me some of his X-Men over the years. I have #1 and the one where the Silver Surfer was introduced. Don’t ask me what number that was, baseball trumped comics. No vinyl trumps both.

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