Review: Avett Brothers @ Sloss Furnace

Don’t let this fool you, the band also has bite. Things can get almost bawdy – roadhouse style, with hard jamming and musical meltdowns and hoedowns, as it does on some of their up-tempo rockers, such as their standard Nothing Short Of Thankful and new favorite, Kick Drum My Heart. It feels as if they are throwing everything they have at you, without irony. It should come as no surprise that the Avett’s previously played in a punk rock outfit. Interestingly enough, I also sense a little British Invasion influence in their music as well.

Packed to the rafters, Sloss Furnace was buzzing with energy and excitement, growing with each song. Feeling the need to immerse myself in the music as well as another Southern tradition, Tennessee bourbon, I found myself at one with the music and my beverage of choice. A whiskey-soaked spring night in the heart of Dixie with simpatico souls.

Setlist: Left On Laura, Left on Lisa
, More of You, 
Dream Appointed, 
, I Killed Sally’s Lover
, The Weight of Lies, 
Die Die Die, 
Famous Flowers of Manhattan, 
Nothin’ Short of Thankful
, Tin Man
, Bella, Donna, 
Pretty Girl from Annapolis> Little Black Train(Woody Guthrie cover)>Pretty Girl from Annapolis
, Pretty Girl from Chile, 
Murder In The City
, Distraction #74>Laundry Room, 
Kick Drum Heart, 
The Ballad of Love and Hate, 
Paranoia in Bb Major

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  1. I second Megan’s comment…there is something so raw and real about these guys…can’t wait for the new album this summer.

    Thanks for the great review.

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