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This band has developed a unique sound that’s equal parts Rusted Root, Los Lobos and The Band over the course of a couple of fine studio albums, a killer live disc and years of guerrilla gigging around New York City. Check ’em out and try to stand still, I dare you.


Scott Bernstein

The Sways

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Don’t worry; the Sways are not just another cutesy boy-girl duo. While they are made up of the Nashville boy-girl duo, make that husband-wife duo, of Adam Landry on guitar and Carey Kotsionis on vocals, the Sways are crafty songwriters, musicians, and in Adam’s case – producers.

I actually stumbled upon the Sways after becoming enamored with the recent release from Braden Land, another budding Nashville talent, realizing that Landry produced, played a handful of instruments and helped write several of the tunes on the album. Compelled by the quality of the production, consistent vibe and guest players on the album, I looked into Adam’s CV, which includes working with Ray Lamontagne and Allison Moorer, and found this talented indie-pop group.

The Sways are not big self-promoters, instead just gradually paving their way on word of mouth touring and interplay with other Nashville music scene stalwarts. The Sways also perpetually play host to guests on pedal steel, keys, percussion, drums, vocals or anything else their friends might add to their scant breezy guitar and vocal arrangements. Likewise, you might find Adam Landry playing any of these instruments or half a dozen others with any number of other Nashville musicians. The Sways seem poised for stardom as their sound would fit perfectly on any number of romantic comedies or prime time dramas and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The Sways play the kind of pop music that should be the radio these days, because the music has both mass appeal AND it’s actually good.

Ryan Dembinsky

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13 Responses

  1. Don’t mean to hate, but you guys can do better than BuzzUniverse. They have no sort of unique sound whatsoever.

  2. Are you serious? What is the point of a comments section on this page. Do you not feel that any band who puts themselves out there should not endure feedback?

    For the record, some really good bands started out pretty terrible and got better over time. That is how it works.

    Sounds to me that you either know someone or are in this band. If that is the case, why don’t you work on your sound a bit. It will come with time.

  3. yeah. here we go… it’s official,your going to impose your hater BS. You said it yourself.
    Why be negative toward this band or musicians who work hard to play music and bring good times to the people??
    i don’t know these guys at all but i’ve heard them and they do have a unique sound. Hands down you DO NOT know what unique is. Stick to your jefferson starship albums.

  4. I agree with mik about BuzzUnivers. Right, all music is good music for fun’s sake; but I won’t be going out of my way to see them at Mountain Jam. You would hope they work on thier sound and define themselves as time goes on. And realize they have absolutely no business singing a song about cowboys. Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams are turning in their graves ..

  5. casev, didn’t you just say” all music is good music for fun sake? Then these guys have every right to sing about cowboys,indians or whatever the fuck they want.also don’t ruin it for other folks to see them at Mountain Jam. Thats so wrong and just a piss poor attitude to have as a music fan and then put it on some comment board. lets be smart here, i’m sure Hank or Waylon would appreciate any band representing cowboys tunes or anything that represents what they stood for. Don’t be an opinionated
    a-hole.I’m sure you got one of those too. keep your comments to yourself and don’t diss on musicians. that’s just wrong. All musicians work hard.Use your brain.

  6. I’m a musician and a writer so keep that in mind. I tried hard not to sound negative in my post. Most of my initial criticism came from reading “miks mother and father” be such an arrogant prick. Mik’s initial comment on this post was kind. Hey mik’s father, go pick up a magazine and read a CD review; bring a box of tissues with you. I got better with criticism not by complancency and having everyone pat me on the ass.

  7. Casev,your a musician and keep that in mind? WTF! yeah your just as bad…wow..your missing the point completely. Next time we’ll review your album with BS remarks and maybe tell people not to go to your next show….ok with you? ….thats just not cool to say that about any band and YOU most of all,being a so called musician should know better. i agree with Miks mother and father….keep your hater BS to yourself.
    it’s ok to post your “criticism” about any band’s music but don’t discourage people from seeing them perform…bbands work hard to get people out to shows…your comments demonstrate BS from some hater who knows no better….feel around or look behind you and notice there is a hole in your rump? thats called your opinion.
    Pat your own ass.

  8. My name is Greg and I am the bass player for BuzzUniverse. Always great to have some haters out there, a sign of progress!! Enjoy!

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