Last Week’s Sauce: May 10th – 16th

Artist & Title: The Breakfast – Bourée
Date & Venue: 2009-05-16 – Toad’s Place, New Haven CT
Taper & Show Download: Matt Vallo

Alright, what I think we got here is a cover of a cover (Phish 2001 style). We’ve got The Breakfast playing Bourée in E minor by Johann Sebastian Bach as arranged by Jethro Tull. With no jazz flute obviously, this takes on a much more guitar-driven theme – and it’s ridiculous! The only reason I know about Jethro Tull’s version is my good friend Chris Ehrens. In one of our late music geek sessions he has been known to say such outlandish things as, “This is the birth of jamming, every jamband does this shit now.” Anyway, the man has a point as it’s a real classic off of Tull’s 1969 album Stand Up. The setlist indicates that The Breakfast haven’t played this ditty in over six years. The Breakfast play at Strangecreek this weekend and have also lined up a Post-Phish-Fenway gig.


Artist & Title: Cracker – Eurotrash Girl
Date & Venue: 2009-05-15 – Duck Room, St. Louis MO
Taper & Show Download: Steve Brothers

Cracker is the first of two rock bands from the early ’90s making an appearance in this week’s piece. This six verse voyage through the narrator’s International exploits is off the great 1993 release Kerosene Hat. It’s actually track#69, coming after many many tracks of silence…a Hidden Track if you will. Cracker is back on the road on May 27th in Pittsburgh PA.


Artist & Title: Fastball – The Way
Date & Venue: 2009-05-11 – Jammin’ Java, Vienna VA
Taper & Show Download: su6oxone

Fifteen years after their inception and 11 years after the release of All the Pain Money Can Buy, Fastball is still out there doing their thing. For their own sanity it seems, The Way has been reworked with a jazzy intro and some hits later in the song. Still a good tune! Looks like they are wrapping up a tour for their new album on Saturday in Austin TX.


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