Trey Anastasio In Baltimore: Setlist & Recap

Phish guitarist and singer Trey Anastasio reached deep into his bag of tricks for his performance tonight with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Charm City. Among the Phish classics Anastasio performed with the ensemble was If I Could – a song Phish hasn’t played in nearly nine years. An emotional highlight came when Water In The Sky was played in memory of Trey’s sister, Kristy Manning, and dedicated to her son.

Crappy Cellphone vid of Brian and Robert

Big Red kicked things off with Divided Sky and the rest of the first set featured a wide range of songs from throughout his career including Brian and Robert, The Inlaw Josie Wales, the aforementioned Water In The Sky, Pebbles and Marbles as well as First Tube. After a brief setbreak, Anastasio returned to offer the East Coast debut of his most recent orchestral composition Time Turns Elastic followed by Let Me Lie and the full version of Guyute including bits of My Friend, My Friend before the guitarist busted out If I Could for the encore. Quite a night for Big Red and his family.


Set One:

  • The Divided Sky (electric guitar,strings)
  • Brian and Robert (vocal, electric guitar, strings)
  • The Inlaw Josie Wales (acoustic guitar, oboe, strings)
  • Water In The Sky* (vocal, acoustic guitar, winds/strings)
  • Pebbles and Marbles (electric guitar, orchestra)
  • First Tube** (electric guitar, orchestra)

Set Two:

  • Time Turns Elastic (vocal, electric guitar, orchestra)
  • Let Me Lie (vocal, electric guitar, strings)
  • Guyute (electric guitar, orchestra)


  • If I Could (vocal, electric guitar, harp, strings)


  • *In Memory of Kristy Manning, dedicated to her surviving son Jason.
  • **First time played  []

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19 thoughts on “Trey Anastasio In Baltimore: Setlist & Recap

  1. Oliver Reply

    A truly wonderful evening. A lot of love in the room. Great sound and good balance with the amplified guitar and orchestra. First Tube was a highlight for me and I don’t think Water in the Sky ever sounded so good. Trey and the orchestra looked like they were absolutely thrilled. Let me Lie had a false start when Trey busted out in the wrong key. Laughs all around.

    Only sour thing was a bunch of idiots having a giant gas party right outside the Symphony hall, not to mention the video taking. Have some respect for the artists and the situation people.

  2. Brendan Reply

    Fantastic evening all around. I sat with my
    eyes closed and a smile on my face thru most
    Of the concert. This was a treat to listen in on.

  3. Brendan's friend Reply

    I too thought it was a incredible evening, Time Turns Elastic is a beautiful piece and I felt lucky to have been there.

  4. Brendan's friend Reply

    I too thought it was a incredible evening. Time Turns Elastic is a beautiful piece and I felt lucky to have been there to see this special performance..

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  6. Ryan D Reply

    Looks like an amazing night.

    Why does it say first time played for First Tube though?

  7. Oliver Reply

    First time played with orchestration I assume. It was sick.

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  9. zappafrank Reply

    Woohoo! Sounds like a great night.

    Scotty – Set 1 link doesn’t work.

  10. Randy Ray Reply

    In the Court of the Crimson King, indeed…

    Scotty Bernstein: 21st Century Relevant Man

  11. zappafrank Reply

    Thanks for the new link Scott. Much appreciated.

  12. Dave Sas Reply

    You guys continue to be the go-to spot for EVERYTHING; reviews, setlists, pics, vids, and obviously the links. Unreal, thanks a ton – can’t wait to listen after work.

  13. Randy Ray Reply

    Yeah, Scotty. Jesus wept. Quit being the go-to spot!

  14. bw Reply

    scott – mics in hat?

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