Grousing The Aisles: Calexico In Stockholm

Calexico –  Stockholm  04/25/2003 [MP3] [Stream]

Formed in 1990 around the core of guitarist/singer/songwriter Joey Burns and drummer John Convertino, Calexico has been delivering their own brand of eclectic music starting with their debut album Spoke in 1996. Acting more so as a collective, besides Joey & John, the band’s revolving door of musicians over the years helped to formulate a sound that is as unique as it is pleasant. Drawing from music such as mariachi Tejano music and Southwestern country music, Calexico’s live shows are eclectic and exciting.

For those who are familiar with this band, you will know that when it comes to live performance Calexico delivers in a huge way. This show documents a stop in Stockholm, Sweden on the tour supporting their then most recent album Feast of Wire. This show in particular has the band playing at the absolute top of their game with a setlist that is strong in both substance and in the order they are played. There is a consistent flow through out and the production of this recording is top notch. I’d even dare to say that it is one of the greatest live recordings I have ever heard in my life.

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