Friday 4 the Foodies: Minor Threat Hot Sauce

The description of the sauce on their site pretty much sums it up:

Like the Loch Ness Monster or gravity, the existence of a gentle-finishing habanero pepper sauce has scientists baffled. Made from a rare, mild breed of habaneros grown specifically for us, Minor Threat draws its inspiration from the legendary West Indies’ mustard- and mango-based habanero sauces, only it mysteriously priviledges the pepper’s fruitiness over its notoriously overwhelming heat. We may never fully understand Minor Threat’s ability to take sandwiches, grilled meats, corn chips or eggs to the next level without annihilating your esophagous in the process, but don’t let science’s shortcomings get in the way of your slathering habits.

Elsewhere in the foodie-verse this week:

So you think you can blog?  The Village Voice is currently looking for a Food/Restaurant Blogger.

Looking for foodie things to do this weekend?  Ed Levine Eats provides us with NYC Food Events for the Weekend (and Beyond).

Need a new summer drink?  How about the Beer Float made with Hoppin’ Frog Oatmeal-Imperial Stout & Vanilla Ice Cream. (via the Kitchn)

Summer also means Lobster Rolls.  Chef/Owner Paul Liebrant of Corton tried Lobster Rolls from Ditch Plains, Ed’s Lobster Bar, the Lobster Place, Lure Fishbar, Mary’s Fish Camp, Pearl Oyster Bar, and Urban Lobster Shack to decide the best Lobster Roll in downtown NYC .  (Via Grub Street)

While we are on summer foods, you should know that Pastry chef Nick Morgenstern of General Greene in Brooklyn is rolling out an ice cream cart which can be found there and at spots around the city like Resto and Irving Mill. Ice cream flavors include burnt honey vanilla, chocolate banana peanut, salted hazelnut gianduja, bourbon raisin and brown butter pecan, while yogurt choices are blackberry, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry rosewater and mango. (via Zagat Buzz).

Some Twitter stuff too:

Gourmet – Wolfgang Puck has launched a line of retail coffees, starting with 4 blends currently available in Wal-mart stores.

ZagatBuzz – For the grilling season: Summer Food Safety Tips

hotfoodporn – Gratuitous Food Porn: Maria Menounos In Front Of Sea of Dunkin Donuts … sweeeetnessss…

bayareabites – If you didn’t get your bulk order of foie gras from Costco…you missed your chance, more details here:

Happy Reading, Happy Eating….til next week.

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  1. _goff Not in Boston but if you are driving and going up 95 go to Abbott’s
    Esquire Magazine named it one of the best sandwiches in America.

    I ate there last summer on my way back to NYC from the Newport Folk Festival and it was great. Very fun place and right on the water. My guess is it is about 2.5 hours from Boston.

    I have been trying to eat my way through that list of sandwiches.

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