Phish: Blat Boomin’ on Rock Band Soon

The music of Phish has been used in movies and for tv shows but the quartet’s music has never been featured in a video game… until now.


A developer for Harmonix – the makers of the popular Rock Band series of games – has announced that the  downloadable content for the week of June 2nd will include a live version of Wilson as part of the Bonnaroo Pack. Other songs included in the Bonnaroo Pack will be Ben Harper and Relentless7’s Shimmer & Shine, Coheed and Cambria’s A Favor House Atlantic and The Running Free, Shooter Jennings’ Steady at the Wheel and TV on the Radio’s Wolf Like Me. Quite a varied selection of tunes.

All tracks are original master recordings and these tracks will be available for purchase as part of the Bonnaroo Pack or as individual tracks for Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.  Each track costs $1.99 or you can purchase the entire pack for $9.99. We hoped for a straight-up Phish Pack of Rock Band songs, but this is certainly a start. [via Rock Band Forums, HT – @mdphunk]

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  1. Surprised their using a Gamehenge song I thought Trey said he would never make money off of Gamehenge?

  2. Oh man, so cool… Wonder how the controller is going to make the ‘wah wha whooo we wa wa dun na na na na nowie ow, haaaaaaa ma da da da de de da buh rabba naba nowwwwowww’ sound in the 20 minute jam…

    Ok, JK… These games are fun for sure, and I loves me some Phish.

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