Bloggy Goodness: Zevon Lives On

Seems like its a good time to be a fan of the work of the late-great Warren Zevon as we have a slew of news to report coming from his the estate. First up, is the news of the release of 89 live soundboard recordings that have been uploaded to that span from 1976 to 2001.


Second, comes the rumor of a Broadway musical and a film based on the singer-songwriter’s work. The Zevon family is currently “considering options, reviewing scripts and fielding ideas” to bring Warren’s life story to the Great White Way, while filmmaker Kevin Smith is looking into a “movie based on Zevon’s 2002 tune Hit Somebody, about a Canadian hockey player, a goon whose job is to hit hard, fight rough and brutally take down opponents, but never, ever touch the puck”.

Finally, Ozzy Osbourne is suing his former Black Sabbath band mate Tommy Iommi over the band’s name. The Prince Of Darkness is claming that Iommi illegally assumed sole ownership of the Black Sabbath name and is seeking 50 percent stake in the trademark. Sabbath is currently in the midst of a world tour with Ronnie James Dio handling lead vocals.

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