Mike Gordon Celebrating B-Day @ City Winery

Tonight, when I got home from work my friend Wilson was at my apartment to pick up his tickets for tomorrow night’s Phish show. Wilson couldn’t stick around for very long as he needed to meet some folks he worked with at the City Winery. After spending a few hours at the wine bar/music venue a familiar figure entered the room. Phish bassist Mike Gordon was in the house to celebrate his birthday. This stuff only happens to Wilson.


[Photo of Mike and Friends by techmofo]

Reports surfaced earlier that the other members of Phish would join Cactus for the impromptu gig but that hasn’t panned out as of yet. Mike is currently rocking out with BFF Scott Murawski and his Serial Pod band mate Billy Kreutzmann of The Dead. @Relix is at City Winery and will be sure to tweet with any breaking news. Enjoy the rest of your night Wilson.

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  1. Setlist (Courtesy of Steve)

    Peggy O
    Tore Up Over You
    Come Together>
    Skin it Back
    US Blues
    Express Yourself
    Quinn the Eskimo

  2. Does anyone have a recording of this show? It would be much appreciated. I did all 3 JBeach shows last summer, but I had to run home to work on 6/3. This is the 1st I heard of this gig and I’d love to listen to it. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thansk.

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