No More Peakin’ at Beacon For the Allmans

In an interview with Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks confirmed the long hinted at news that the Allmans won’t be returning to New York City’s Beacon Theatre in 2010 seemingly ending a long relationship between the band and the newly renovated venue.


You’ll still play some, though, right? How about the annual run at the Beacon Theater in New York?

Butch Trucks: Sure we’ll continue until my body runs out of juice. But we won’t be at the Beacon anymore. They just announced that Cirque du Soleil is moving in there, sad to say.

We’ll still do a multi-show thing in New York, but we’re looking for another venue. With things the way they are, there’s a lot of empty theaters on Broadway. []

While I’m sad to see the Allmans move on from the Beacon, it would be impossible to top this past March’s run of shows so perhaps it’s better the band gets a fresh start. What I don’t understand is why the Dolans and MSGE needed to force out an act that consistently sold out their venue for at least 15 nights each March. It can’t be easy to replace that kind of draw. Plus, if you watched The Beacon Theatre Reborn documentary on the MSG Network you saw that the special was mostly about the Allmans.

The Allmans and the Beacon had a special relationship and it’s a shame that it appears to be over barring any new developments. Thanks Jim Dolan.

At least the band still wants to play a long run of shows in the Big Apple every year. Any thoughts as to where they wind up? I’m with Butch in that I’d like to see the band rent out one of the theatres that typically gets used for musicals on the Great White Way. How about you?

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  1. This is pretty cheap though. They get everybody all excited about the renovation and then convert to a Vegas knockoff Cirque De Soleil theater? Cirque De Soleil is cool and all, but not that cool.

  2. I’m sure the renovation is precisely why this is going on. The ABB run takes it’s toll on the theater. By the end the place is sticky and smelly. I’m sure the idea of Cirque (which will probably sell out as well) is much more appealing to the Dolans.

  3. i wouldnt go back to that venue anyway- the security were such nazi a$$holes the whole run- unless you were on the floor. the new beacon is corporate crap- shame on you MSG!

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