Quick Reminder: You Can Follow All Of Tonight’s Camden Action On Twitter

Happy Sunday from all of us here at HT! This is a quick reminder that it’s easy to have your finger on the digital pulse of what’s going on tonight at Phish in lovely Camden New Jersey. So be sure to follow @YEMblog for all the latest in: Setlists, jamming anecdotes, Mike’s wardrobe, and ScottyB’s granola bar status.

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2 Responses

  1. I have been following for all the shows so far, not for the setlists or any of that, I want to know the granola status!

  2. We saw scotty b eating a piece of pizza in the lot and twittering before the show last night…the dude can multi-task. I think he has a new application that instant thoughts can be sent directly to twitter.

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