Briefly: Phish From The Archives @ 2PM

Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro will host special editions of From The Archives this afternoon from 2PM to 4PM CDT and on Sunday from 2PM to 4PM CDT on Radio Bonnaroo. You can access the station through the web or over-the-air on 101.5 in the Manchester, Tennessee area.

Shapiro usually hosts From The Archives – which features gems from Phish’s vault – when the quartet plays their own festivals, but this marks the first From The Archives broadcast at a festival that the band isn’t running.

6/12 Play List:
Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) – 10/31/96
Sabotage – 8/16/98
Ghost – 5/22/00
Lengthwise – 11/19/92
Sneakin’ Sally – 9/28/99
Tweezer – 11/23/94
Llama – 10/18/94
After Midnight – 12/31/99
Born to Run – 07/16/99

6/14 Play List:

Foreplay > Longtime 11/12/94
Theme From The Bottom 06/07/95
The Ballad of Curtis Loew 12/29/99
Forbin’s > Vibration of Life > Mockingbird – 05/03/93
Dave’s Energy Guide – 9/26/85 WRUV Exposure
2001 – 09/29/99
Doomsday – Circa 1993 (Mike Gordon Demo)
Run Like An Antelope 10/24/95
Harry Hood 11/12/94

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  1. hmm, no ’09. just noticing. still, those’re sick selections. only K.Shap and Phish could fill two hours with 5 songs.

  2. scott, i shed a single tear today my site music and arts blog, has been hacked by a spammer. until i get my degree in DNS resolution (im working on it), i am negotiating with the dude. in the meantime i hope to write other places more.

  3. as usual, kevin has chosen many tasty nuggets. can’t wait to hear the rest and see where it goes. thanks for this heads up. makes a day at work not so bad when the roo is happening several states over. the shows seem to just be getting better and better (camden reminded me of the late 90’s). welcome back phish!

  4. just a heads-up, FUSE (NYC Time Warner ch 691) is re-airing the 30min Clifford Ball special tomorrow (Saturday) at 2PM (EST)

  5. Because it was the debut and it was also dubbed out and had a vacuum solo. Trey said that they liked it so much they put it on the soon-to-be-released album twice. Everyone thought he was joking.

    That Llama with Bela Fleck is amazing!

  6. thanks for the link Scotty.

    this is making my packing job much more enjoyable.

    oh, and am also getting all sorts of ornery for the Fox.

  7. Wow, I tuned in during the Forbins, and was stoked hear my all-time favorite versions of 2001, Antelope, & Hood follow, all in a row and all in SBD versions. Especially the Hood, since the audience recording that’s circulated of that show for years is crap quality. Thanks Kevin & thanks Phish!

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