Grousing The Aisles: Aerosmith – Unplugged

Aerosmith – Unplugged: The Full Show [MP3s]


In 1990, Aerosmith performed in front of an intimate audience as part of MTV’s Unplugged series of acoustic performances. The band had been touring in support of their most recent album Pump which boasted hit singles/videos Love In An Elevator, Janie’s Got A Gun and What It Takes. The band was putting on some amazing live shows but having them do Unplugged really showed the band in an element that they were not only comfortable in but felt completely at home in.

Instead of rehashing the hits that were currently out on radio for them, the band insisted on delivering roof-raising acoustic renditions of some deep cuts like Monkey On My Back, Seasons Of Wither from Get Your Wings and opening with an amazing Hangman Jury from 1988’s Permanent Vacation. This show is STILL a mainstay in my listening rotation and whenever I need to be reminded that Aerosmith could rock and rip with the best of them, I put this bootleg on. This is, without a doubt, a truly magical moment captured forever.

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