F4tT: Corn Cookie @ Momofuko Milk Bar

As usual, Ed Levine Eats shares NYC Food Events for the Weekend (and Beyond).

The Fancy Food Show runs from Sunday-Tuesday 28th-30th at The Javitz Center.  I will be there on Sunday but the NY Times Diner’s Journal was able to get a sneak preview.

Also happening this weekend, The Unfancy Food show in Williamsburg.  I went last year and it was a blast. (via Brooklyn Based)

Live in Brooklyn, near Prospect Park? Well Grub Street Readers Get Free Ben & Jerry’s! this coming Sunday.

Cool food tip of the week: Use a pastry tip to take out cherry pits! (via The Kitchen).

Everyone’s been talking about DBGB, Daniel Boulud’s new restaurant on the Bowery.  Guess what, they start serving brunch Saturday. (via Eater)

Weekends mean brunch and Time Out NY shares Your perfect brunch, The best spots, dishes, drinks and deals.

A few food related tweets I came across in my twitter feed

foodculturist Micheal Jackson’s Sweet Potato recipe: http://bit.ly/3QK8ea (via @Foodimentary)

TheDelicious RT @VivianBoroff @foodimentary…aw, someone make this! recipe for Farrah’s favorite coconut cream pie http://bit.ly/ZNbh4

GrillGirl RT @17thstreetbbq In case you need an excuse to buy this month’s Playboy… just for the ARTICLES, … our potato salad recipe is in there!

FriendsEAT New Recipe: Pressure cooker ropa vieja Recipe http://tinyurl.com/lh68c6

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3 thoughts on “F4tT: Corn Cookie @ Momofuko Milk Bar

  1. Scott Bernstein Reply

    I’ve always wanted to go to Momofuko’s Milk Bar but haven’t yet. What the F is “Crack Pie?” is what I want to know.

  2. Pingback: F4tT: Corn Cookie @ Momofuko Milk Bar - Roll With It |

  3. Jon Reply


    Re: WTF is in crack pie, here you go:Martha Stewart Visits Momofuku Milk Bar http://tinyurl.com/c97cdf

    On my way there right now…..

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