Hampton and Indio Rumors Make The Papers

The days of Phish-related speculation being relegated to message boards and blogs seem to be over as local papers pick up on these rumors and run with them. We’ve got a couple of examples that popped up today. Most Phish fans are convinced that the band’s upcoming Halloween Festival will take place at one of the Polo Fields in Indio, leading many of them to book hotel rooms near the site. The Desert Sun – a local paper out of Palm Springs – published an article yesterday about the hotels in the area seeing a major increase in bookings for the nights between October 29 and November 2.


[Photo by Dave Vann]

Today, the Desert Sun ran a follow-up article indicating that Coachella concert promoter Paul Tolett was due to meet with Phish production manager Hadden Hipsley yesterday without revealing any details about what transpired between the two. Meanwhile, city officials claim they haven’t seen any contract or agreement. The Save The Date graphic on Phish.com still has plenty of States left, but it’s becoming clear which state will host the festival on October 30 through November 1.

Over on the East Coast, our friend Sam McDonald of the Daily Press – a fine journo who wrote a ton of articles about every aspect of Phish’s three-night stand at the Hampton Coliseum in March – has put together a piece about speculation that the jam maestros will return to the Mothership as part of their fall tour. McDonald even got a source to give the rumor legs…

A Hampton city government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Phish is definitely coming back this year — probably sometime in the fall.

In these harsh economic times local officials LOVE the financial shot in the arm that the Phish community can bring making a potential visit from the quartet a big story. Times have certainly changed from the days when Phish was supposedly banned from Red Rocks and other venues.

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7 thoughts on “Hampton and Indio Rumors Make The Papers

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  2. shaneo Reply

    i believe it, why not, if it’s going to be anywhere on the east coast in october, hampton is perfect

  3. andrew Reply

    Aren’t the 3 day festivals usually camping events? Wouldn’t a place like Big Cypress make more sense?

  4. dave Reply

    Big Cypress would make sense, just not in Oct-Nov. Hurricane/rain season is from June 1 to Nov 1 there is a potential of another Coventry mudfest. Out West would make more sense where it is drier.

  5. rob Reply

    y’know? show me a hard -@$$ new england throwdown. it’s not realistic, but showm me vermont or maine. cold and hardcore. tell me you wouldn’t go. i would.

  6. dayjob1978 Reply

    Dudes, the Festival will be in Indio AND they will be playing Hampton in October…not to mention two nights at MSG.

  7. money Reply

    Rob, youre an idiot. Its in october. People on the east coast, quit bitching, its no ones fault but yours that you live in an area that is cold as shit in the fall. Festy will be CA, AZ, NV, or FL. period. Who the fuck wants to stand outside for three days in vermont?

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