Video: Ween – Honesty (Billy Joel Cover)

Burlington Waterfront, Burlington VT
July 11, 2009
Set: Did You See Me, Push th’ Little Daisies, Transdermal Celebration, Learnin’ To Love, Light Me Up, Your Party, Pandy Fackler, Ocean Man, Touch My Tooter, Puerto Rican Power, Tick, Object, Mister Richard Smoker, Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, Roses Are Free, The Mollusk, Baby Bitch
Encore: Dr. Rock, Someday

Port City, Portland ME
June 10, 2009
Set: Piss up a Rope, Golden Eel, Flutes of Chi, Johnny on the Spot, Captain Fantasy, The Grobe, Zoloft, Sorry Charlie, Learnin to Live, Little Birdy, Laura, Even If You Don’t, Wavin My Dick in the Wind, Freedom of 76, Woman & Man, I Don’t Want It, Pork Roll Egg & Cheese, Your Party, Roses are Free, El Camino, Buenos Tardes
Encore: HIV, Buckingham Green, Honesty (Billy Joel) x2, Sketches of Winkle, The Mollusk

VideoLaura (Live in Providence)

Lupo’s, Providence RI
July 9, 2009
Set: Transdermal Celebration, The Grobe, She Wanted to Leave, Bananas and Blow, Pumpin for the Man, I Saw Gener, Learning to Love, Mr Richards Smoker, Take Me Away, Don’t Shit, Laura, Mutilated Lips, Voodoo Lady, Ice Castles, Final Alarm, Polka Dotted Tail, The Mollusk, Buckingham Green, Your Party, Stay Forever, Touch My Tooter, Stroker Ace, My Own Bare Hands, Object, Mister won’t you please help my pony, Don’t get too close, Shame Maker, Gabrielle, Big Jim, Booze me up and get me high, Spinal Meningitis
Encore: You Fucked Up

[setlists via The Ween Forum]

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2 thoughts on “Video: Ween – Honesty (Billy Joel Cover)

  1. Frinkazoid Reply

    Looks like shrorter shows than in the past…surely shorter encores. Still, bring the pain back to ASHEVILLE BITCHES!!!

  2. K-Wet Reply

    Yeah it had to be cut short because Lupo’s is stupid and they had to empty the place for an 11 o’clock dance party.

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