F4tF: The Millburn Deli Sloppy Joe

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Other stuff from the foodie-verse this week (slow news week)

For anyone living in the Lone Star State, A Hamburger Today shared Texas Monthly’s The 50 Best Burgers in Texas.

Once again Ed Levine Eats posted their NYC Food Events for the Weekend (and Beyond).

Shop farmer’s markets?  Well Epicurious posted a very cool interactive map that shows what’s in season wherever you live.  They say  “Use our interactive map to see what’s fresh in your area, plus find ingredient descriptions, shopping guides, recipes, and tips”.

Live in the Windy City? Well The Kitchen posted A Food-Lover’s Guide to Chicago:  Markets, farms, artisans, and best shops for cooks

A few food related items from the Twitter feed

Chef_Jay Saturday is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day! Sundae on Saturday, go figure…

Foodimentary Cheese Fact: While Americans can buy “Swiss cheese,” there is no product called “Swiss cheese” in Switzerland.

SFoodie: Free Ice Cream Tomorrow at Three Twins on Fillmore http://tr.im/tLGK

eaterny RT @andreabakes: just went to Il Laboratorio del Gelato at 95 Orchard St. Thai Chocolate, Malt, Chestnut Honey, Espresso to die for!!!

michelemandell Hands-down one of the best meals ever at Conduit in SF last night. Sit at the open kitchen counter for a great show w/ chef Justin Deering.

I am off to the beach for the weekend.
Happy eating everyone!

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17 thoughts on “F4tF: The Millburn Deli Sloppy Joe

  1. PG Reply

    Believe it or not, there is a great Sloppy Joe available in Austin, TX. The owner of NeWorlDeli on Guadalupe is from Jersey and knows the difference between a Sloppy Joe and a Manwich! His father made my Joe’s growing up at the Towne Deli in New Providence… a Joe easily on par with Millburn Deli’s. Man, I’m hungry!

  2. dave Reply

    Town Hall Deli in South Orange, NJ claims to have “invented” the sloppy Joe by exporting it from Cuba. Regardless, Town Hall’s version owns the Millburn Deli version by a long shot. Also, Millburn stopped putting butter on the bread of their Joe’s over 5 years ago.

  3. Jon Reply


    Point well taken on the butter. Since the Town Hall Deli closed and then re-opened their Joes have not been the same. Rumor has it that many of the original Town Hall guys went to Fairchild’s Market on Eagle Rock Ave in Roseland. When I was growing up the Town Hall Joe’s served at Shiva calls (Jewish people mourning) were the best around.

  4. dave Reply

    I think the quality is as good as ever at Town Hall, especially when you order the Gourmet Joe, which is half roast beef and half turkey, both roasted in house. It costs $20, but its more than enough for 2 to share. All this Joe talk makes me want to go get a JOE right away.

  5. j dub Reply

    Well I love the town hall and they definiatly started the sloppy joe no doubt about it. I think the new owner has done great things for the town and made the deli what it used to be.

  6. jerseygirl Reply

    Town Hall Deli Joe’s rock! Check out their website for the story of the Sloppy Joe, which they definitely originated.


  7. Phlounder Reply

    Hickory Tree Deli in Chatham Township, NJ has the best Jersey-style sloppy joes…hands down. I wish there was a place in the Boston area that made them.

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  9. Broannie D Reply

    If the millburn deli was a dude I would marry him.
    If that were legal

  10. Clay Reply

    I love to rub the russian all over my disgusting self. pickle please.

  11. PC Miuggins Reply

    I used to go to the MILLBURN DELI all of the time
    I would get a sandwich and eat it. And then I would go home and hit the bottle and then get to work on myself

  12. clay Reply

    Last Sunday I split a millburn deli Joe with my dog, skeet, some Russian fell on my satchel I God he licked at it for 45 mins. Straight.

  13. Cowboy Bob Davis Reply

    i need to get myself a dog
    and some russian dressing

  14. Pat muggy Reply

    I would kill to be that dog

  15. clay Reply

    Right after, I ducked taped cotton balls to his hind paws.chased him all over the house. It was like a medieval joust.

  16. Pat muggy Reply

    Last weekend I put some of my neighbor’s dog’s salty mayo on my turkey sandwich.
    It was delicious but not as good as a millburn deli Joe.
    Had to slow him down with some benadryl before I started working the pink crayon

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