AfterNews: Yet Another Phish Post

I just finished putting together today’s posts for YEMblog – a site that compiles all the new Phish-related content on the web – and there were a few items I felt should be shared with the HT readership as the countdown to the second leg of Phish’s Summer Tour heads towards zero.


First up, the folks at Chopping Block have put together a fantastic post giving a behind the scenes look into the work that went into the Phish – Save The Date animation.  Chopping Block, a graphic design firm that has been working with the band since the late ’90s, really outdid themselves with the java animation they created and it’s pretty cool to see some of the concepts that didn’t make the cut.

Also of note, as we approach Phish Tour Eve, be sure to keep your eyes on the official Red Rocks website’s webcam for a look at what goes into the setup for the shows. We’d imagine load-in will start at some point tomorrow so keep checking back. Finally, our friend Brian Sherman wrote an article about the convergence of Phish concerts and technology that includes an interview with Jason Wigmann of PhishTube fame.  As a reminder, DaveO and I will be tweeting live from Red Rocks on the @YEMblog feed. You can follow our feed and all of the #Phish Twitter action at PhishTwit.

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11 thoughts on “AfterNews: Yet Another Phish Post

  1. RyTHC Reply

    more importantly…where the f do i buy that bobble head?

  2. Brian Reply

    Thanks Hidden Track!

  3. Pingback: Twitted by tmwsiy |

  4. the joker Reply

    the fishman bobblehead is hilarious for sure.

  5. zappafrank Reply

    what’s the deal with the Chopping Block article?

  6. zappafrank Reply

    did they get in trouble for posting the info?

  7. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Yeah, I’d imagine Phish wasn’t down with them sharing so much detail. I wish I had a saved version of that page!

  8. zappafrank Reply

    Cool, thanks man, would have been nice to see it!

  9. fishmanjive Reply

    Nice broken link from Chopping Block.I don’t think Phish minds if Chopping Block shares the technology. I think the designers are just tight asses….and thanks for wasting our time trying to check out some animation.

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