GTA: Jellyfish – Hollywood, CA 10/??/1990

Jellyfish – Hollywood CA – 10/??/1990 [zip file]


Jellyfish is one of my all time favorite bands and they are responsible for putting out two of what I consider to be the greatest albums ever recorded, Bellybutton and Spilt Milk. Jellyfish was a band that was way ahead yet at the same time behind their time. They were retro before there was even a term for it. They looked like a 1960’s cartoon band, think a cross between Scooby Doo’s Mystery Kids meets The Archies. They were a colorful group of people who actually looked like they sounded.

Jellyfish released their debut album Bellybutton in 1990 to a mixed bag of reviews. The band was praised for their Beatles/Queen-esque music and their lush four part harmonies. The band was so fucking good that critics even dared them to be able to pull off their sound in a live setting. Jellyfish not only proved that they could pull it off musically but also proved themselves as a fun, energetic and exciting live band. This recording from Hollywood’s Club Lingerie captures the band on the heals of releasing their debut album Bellybutton and showcases a band that was on their way to becoming one of the best kept secrets of our generation that left us way too quickly. Enjoy!

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