CW: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

MGMT: In the commentary for the movie Stop Making Sense, it is made clear that the reference to “Naive Melody” in the song’s title is about the bass and guitar tracks on the song and how they never change notes throughout the entire tune. This is made abundantly clear in this VERY early performance by MGMT as they successfully cover the song in the manner in which they do.

Miles Fisher: Well this is fucking crazy. We’ve got actor Miles Fisher performing his own cover of the song…combined with his own rendition of scenes from American Psycho. If you like the track, you can download his EP over at his website.

Perpetual Groove: Put simply, PGroove really kills this song. The good way. Lead vocalist Brock Butler could very well have the best voice for this cover of all the version’s I’ve heard. Source: 2-10-2007


Ryan Montbleau Band: Another really great rendition, this version having our second instance where the keyboard part is played on a string instrument, (see The Arcade Fire) in this case Laurence Scudder’s viola. Source: 12-31-2005


Shawn Colvin: Making things interesting this week, we’ve got a great female vocalist performance. This was originally released on Colvin’s third studio record, an album of all covers. Source: Cover Girl


Live performance of Shawn Colvin with Strings Attached:

String Cheese Incident: And finally we’ve got SCI. This was definitely a wise cover for them as it fits their instrumentation well. They also must like it as it was one of the covers selected to appear at their first major gig in years when they performed earlier this month at the Rothbury Festival. Source: 11-17-2000


Checking on last week’s Standing On The Moon Cover Wars, it’s currently a tie between Bruce Hornsby/Trey Anastasio and Mr. Blotto.

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12 Responses

  1. P Groove Hands Down is the best version of this.

    I have to give a big thank you to Cartelli for getting it on the set list of my 30th birthday on Jam Cruise.

    Also big thanks to AJ for being a trooper during the show and fighting sea sickness a number of times.

    It was truly the best birthday ever.

  2. i bought the live show of the ryan montbleau’s version at one of his live shows a couple years ago. It was honestly one of my favorite renditions of this….UNTIl, I heard P=grooves.

    I agree completely, Brock sang his ass off in this song. what a great version of this. Thanks CW for this p-groove offering.

  3. Wow. So this one is a tough one to vote on. First, this is hands down, my most favorite song in the ENTIRE world. The SCI version that’s posted was one I actually saw and it’s hard to explain how much the Tabernacle (or more just me) EXPLODED when they started the melody portion. On the other hand, Brock’s vocals are nothing to frown upon. And MGMT’s version is funny. Reminds me of my college days and how cool it would’ve been to walk across my campus lawn upon them performing this song. I would’ve stopped dead in my tracks. Miles Fischer’s version was great – I always enjoy some American Psycho spoofs. However, I’m voting for Shawn Colvin simply because I’ve never heard the version before and this particular version will be my first dance at my wedding.

  4. Pgroove put a link on their forum and begged fans to vote for it…

    Kinda ruins the fun of it donchta think?

  5. I’ve never seen any of the humble Pgroove members beg for anything. We throw ourselves all over them willingly, and they deliver music that heals us and fills us with smiles and joy. They’re also a band that masters every cover song they choose to perform.

  6. I was the one who posted the link on the P.Groove forum, and I’m nothing but a fan. How else are people even going to know that a cover war is going on??

    Eat shit, Joey.

  7. I am simply and purely a Talking Heads man and this band Perpetual Groove captures the pure essence of this song unlike any others I have heard. Ryan’s hit home for me as well, but Brock Butler’s vocals really take it to the next level for me. So what if PGroove’s fans posted this on their message boards, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a great cover. Long live Talking Heads and good job PGroove, and all the other bands that play this wonderful song.

  8. Jam Cruise 6 – PGroove playing in the theater on our buddy heady’s bday- one of the greatest moments of that cruise. Chapagne flowing while singing ‘this must be the place’!!!!

    you’re my still my favorite heady!!!

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