HT Giveaway: Win A Phish Joy Box Pt. 2

Recently, Phish announced pre-order details for one of the most ambitious merch products they’ve ever created – the Joy Box. This monstrous limited edition box set includes the CD plus 10 posters dedicated to each one of Joy’s 10 tracks each designed by a different artist, an extensive hard-bound booklet, as well as a “complete second album” called Party Time along with a  DVD featuring some of Phish’s live performances from the first half of 2009.

As we told you last week, we’ve got two Joy Boxes to give away and you’ll have eight chances to enter our sweepstakes. Today, we’ve got our second question of eight and each answer you give will count as one entry in the contest. That’s right, you can enter eight times by answering all eight questions. Just don’t get greedy and answer the same question twice. This contest will run until September 25, 2009 at 11:59PM.

Just follow the rules below and we’ll announce our winners on 9/28:

  • To enter the contest leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Phish studio track of all-time.
  • All comments must be longer than 10 words and shorter than 50
  • Your comment must be left by 11:59 PM EST on Friday,  Sept. 25
  • Don’t be greedy, only one entry per person, per question
  • Winners will be selected at random from all entries to all 8 questions
  • Winners receive one copy of the Joy Box each

So there you have it. As you see, question #2 is “what is your favorite Phish studio track of all-time?” Keep on checking Hidden Track as you never know when we’ll post the next question.

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261 thoughts on “HT Giveaway: Win A Phish Joy Box Pt. 2

  1. pook Reply

    I love the studio version of “My Friend, My Friend”. The crispness of the acoustic guitar at the beginning gets me every time!

  2. Ryan Reply

    Moma Dance is my favorite studio track. I like how it blends with “ghost” at the end of the song. Nice work fellas.

  3. Derek Reply

    My favorite studio track is Ghost, for Mike’s sick nasty bass solo in the middle.

  4. drew Reply

    My favorite studio track is Ghost. I love the build-up intro portion of the song.

  5. Alan Reply


  6. garajfreak Reply

    It’s Ice- love the odd time sig.

  7. rstank Reply

    Esther. What a great piece of music, and it is captured perfectly on Junta.

  8. tmwsiy Reply

    Union Federal from Junta, this typifies Phish in my mind. Great stuff.

  9. Brian C Reply

    My favorite Phish studio track has to be “Rift”. The playing is so clean and flawless. The title track from the best concept album makes it arguably a better studio song than live song.

  10. JB Reply

    Run Like an Antelope… It makes me smile 🙂

  11. Chefra Reply

    I have to go with Horn. Love it!

  12. John Schulze Reply

    As a big Hoist era fan of Phish I have to say Sample In a Jar is my favorite studio cut.

  13. Asaf Geffen Reply

    Demand from HOIST

  14. Casey Ryback Reply

    I like Julius, great track, and they never play it as good live as it sounds on Hoist.

  15. dazzio Reply

    If I Could – Such an absolutely beautiful song and with the addition of Allison Krauss on vocals it just comes across so smoothly. Throw in Page’s wonderful piano work and what you have is studio genius.

  16. parks Reply

    My favorite studio Phish track is Julius off of Hoist. Can’t help but move my feet.

  17. Greg Reply

    I couldn’t decide, so I went with a dark horse: Bliss. It can put you in a different frame of mind.

  18. Paul Soares Reply

    Fikus = best studio tune

  19. Fluff4u Reply

    I would have to go with “If I could” or “Dirt” both with the strings are perfect!

  20. Jeff Reply

    I would have to say Billy Breathes. I probably listened to that song and album about a 20 times in about the first three days it was out.

  21. stealy_fan Reply

    Bliss>Billy Breathes. Goose bumps every time.

  22. Paul Underhill Reply

    Maze, it was the song that made me “get” Phish. I understood the pieces and parts of them, all the members, their instruments and vocals.

  23. The Mad Hatter Reply

    Theme from the Bottom.

    It’s a great midpoint for the album, a mature composition, and actually has some of the best lyrics the band has ever written. Lillywhite did a masterful job producing it.

  24. ginz Reply


    after being played for 4 years on tour, and being one of the fan favorites for years, this one finally got the studio treatment in 98 on SOTG. I always referred to guyute as the bands “stairway”. it has lyrics, slow parts, fast parts, and enough changes to keep even the causal listener interested.

  25. shaneo Reply

    there are a numerous amount of good phish studio songs but it may be corny but YEM is probably my favorite studio recording…for me it embodies all that is phish and anytime i send someone a phish song who is just beginning to listen, i usually start them with that

  26. Roger Brandon Reply

    Probably “Free”. I can listen to it over and over again and never get tired of it. There is a lot going on and it is something you can put on and immediately get pumped up and relaxed all at the same time.

  27. Parker Reply

    The studio version of YEM is a classic. It is one of the first Phish songs I ever heard, and a big reason why I love the band.

  28. Feather Reply

    I would have to choose, Sample in a Jar. No matter how many times I hear it, that song never fails to excite and energize.

  29. scottyg Reply


  30. Chin Reply

    Gotta say my favorite studio track to this day is First Tube. Its the closest they’ve come to capturing live energy in the studio IMO. Love it…

  31. Tim Kasenter Reply

    I think the track that sticks with me the most is “Fast Enough for You” because it was the first time that I had heard Phish.

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  33. Dubie Reply

    Even though it was not released, I am going to go old school and bring up The White Tape. Minkin is just bizarre, loco, and so so Mike. Love it love it love it…

  34. Tim Reply

    Contact because my kids love it!

  35. Kevin Reply

    “The Wedge”. I remember hearing it the first time in HS and I was convinced I had heard it somewhere else before, even though there was no way I could have. Thats when I knew I loved Phish, brand new music seemed immediately familiar and I loved it.

  36. Rob S. Reply

    It’s not my fav. Phish song, but my fav studio track is ‘Round Room.’ The breakdown into ‘Take Me to the Round Church’ is epic.

  37. your mom Reply

    Lifeboy. No question. Still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It’s also the track that I always play when I’m testing out new audio equipment. And most of the time, the dude at the shop is like “wow, who is this? This is unbelievable. Phish?!? No freaking way.”

  38. coltrane74 Reply

    David Bowie from Junta. Blew my mind the 1st time I heard it, and it is my go-to tune to play for newbies. I also have memorized all of the lyrics.

  39. Tim C Reply

    Favorite Phish studio track would have to be Ghost. I just love Mike’s bass on that song.

  40. kptronic Reply

    Dirt. It is a song that sounds great live, but comes into its own as a studio track.

  41. Welcome2NowBlog Reply

    ‘My Friend, My Friend’ – this track has everything that is great about Phish all in one. Composed sections, alternating tempos, shredding solos, weird and mysterious lyrics, all in a relatively short and rocking song. I love it!

  42. headyesq Reply

    Bug off of Farmhouse. As for a studio cut this is as perfect as you can get. All four heads of the monster that is Phish knock this out of the park and it gives me goosebumps every time it comes on on my iPod. The imagery and the guiatr work are a perfect compliment to each other.

  43. scott Reply

    The studio version of FREE really does it for me. Billy Breathes is such a “clean sounding” album and Free is my fav.

  44. gabe Reply


    the one song that started it all for me.

  45. Andrew Reply

    The Wedge. I really like the Rift record as a whole. A great studio effort…

  46. sand Reply

    Billy Breathes. i usually always like the live version of any song better, but this one is just beautiful

  47. ahrenlw Reply

    My favorite studio track is “Split Open and Melt”. It’s rockin’.

  48. Mark Reply

    Moma Dance! I wish Mike was that loud in live 3.0

  49. Gary Reply

    My favorite studio track is without question Billy Breathes, such a beautiful song, Lillywhite did a fantastic job on the entire album.

  50. artie Reply

    guyute on story of a ghost. nothing like a perfectly played guyute, and the studio version does it for me

  51. RT Reply

    WHat’s The Use? A studio B side that actually made it to the stage multiple times. My favorite!

    Joy Box here I come!

  52. JKess23 Reply

    “Run Like An Antelope”, as it’s what hooked me on the PH

  53. Pete Stergion Reply

    First Tube the final track on Farmhouse is my favorite Phish studio track -What can I say I’m a sucker for instrumentals.

  54. Jason Reply

    YEM. I picked junta having only heard golgi on the radio (thank you, WRPI) and YEM blew me away.

  55. tiedyejeremy Reply

    Reba. Best studio track, hands down.

  56. cpatrocks Reply

    Manteca….best 27 second song of all time! But what exactly is a shoe mouth?

  57. voopa Reply

    Reba, without a doubt.

  58. Jay Reply

    I’m gonna go with something more recent: ‘A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing.’ The studio cut has such a big and up front feel to it. For my money, Undermind is the best engineered of all their albums.

  59. Ginsengsully Reply

    I am going to go with Guyute. Perfect location on the album with tension build up from the 1st 4 songs, which then releases and guides you into the rest of album.

  60. Ian Oberg Reply

    If I Could

  61. phish4rob Reply

    gotta be fee the first time i listened to phish was on a cassette of junta, i couldn’t believe what i was hearing

  62. Andrew "Butch" Weiss Reply

    My Friend, My Friend. Love that acoustic start.

  63. The Inlaw Reply

    I have to with If I Could from Hoist…..cuz it’s beautiful and Alison Krauss rules

  64. Mal Reply

    Down with Disease for sure

  65. Cem Reply

    Stash is my favorite because that was the first Phish song I have ever listened and I didn’t get hooked on Phish immidiately. On the contrary, it took me a while to digest the song and that made it even more special…

  66. marky mark Reply

    “minestrone,” better known now as “the inlaw josie wales” has to be my favorite phish studio track. Although mostly comprised of trey’s playing, I love the studio version because it includes bela fleck as well. Great tune live and on wax

  67. Shane Tokarz Reply

    Would I be wrong if I said Scents & Subtle Sounds?

  68. Jonathan K Reply

    Fluff’s Travels from the second disc of Junta. Trey’s guitar tone rips me apart.

  69. bryan Reply

    It’s a tough call, but the greatest phish studio track of all times has to be Run like an Antelope.

  70. callmeAL Reply

    theme from the bottom. TFTB following 5 on BB represent a rare sequence that’s incredible on the album, though none are ever standouts live. Gotta love the vocal breakdown, too.

  71. Leeno Reply

    Wolfman’s Brother – two of my favorite things: 94 Phish and horns!

  72. BJ C Reply

    “Waste”. Was the first dance at my wedding. Any music that attaches to your soul is something to be treasured

  73. Jared Reply

    “Story of the Ghost”. I love the funk!

  74. bryan Reply

    Julius…clearly the best opener ever. Love it everytime it comes on, wish they would play it more

  75. Suckie McSuck Reply


  76. Timothy Reply

    Everything on Junta is priceless, but I’m a sucker for Walls of the Cave.

  77. toodrunktodream Reply

    I’d have to say ‘Waste’, not only for it’s studio perfection, but for the images of Trey playing it flawlessly at The Great Went

  78. ub40 Reply

    i have always loved Mound, very cool studio track with some great interplay between the boyz

  79. Mitch Reply

    Lengthwise – “when you’re here I sleep lengthwise, but when your gone I sleep diagonal in my bed”


  80. Brian Reply

    Pebbles and Marbles… a very underrated song that shines on the studio cut.

  81. Jay Reply

    Maze. I love hearing the studio version! You can’t really go wrong with anything on Rift, but Maze is just awesome.

  82. Kevin Reply

    My favorite studio track is the same as my favorite live track. Free!!!!!

  83. flapdonger Reply

    water in the sky, just love it, need a smile?…listen

  84. Brewster Apollo Reply

    Julius. The studio environment gives it just the right amount of polish while it still jams. Plus the horns are sooooo tight. It also doesn’t hurt that it was the first Phish track I ever heard.

  85. Rob Reply

    My favorite studio track is “If I Could,” for the Alison Krauss vocals. What a special guest she would be!

  86. Traver Johnson Reply


  87. Dave Sas Reply

    My Friend, My Friend off Rift is gorgeous…although I must admit I’ve never met one I didn’t like.

  88. zappafrank Reply

    ‘twould be Reba for me. Once they break down and go into the “jam” part, it sends chills through my body every time. One of the best recorded guitar “solos”/

  89. Josh Reply

    “Secret Smile” from Undermind is criminally underrated. The few times the band played it on stage were all horrible, but the studio version is where it shines. Listen to those strings!

  90. fluffdead Reply

    FREE- I feel the feeling I forgot – Billy Breathes makes me want to WASTE as much time as I can listening to PHISH.

  91. STB Reply

    The whole BB album but from Theme onward to Caspian and all in between had some good captured Phish…always kinda reminded me of the flow of the songs closing out Abbey Road.
    I am hoping Joy will also be a good snapshot of the Phish!

  92. schibi Reply

    “Silent In The Morning”. Since the first time i listened to it YEARS ago, this song’s lyrics & music continues to hit home with me.

  93. Groucho Reply

    Quadraphonic Toppling fron the Siket Disk. Why? One reason is because I don’t think anyone else has said it and another reason is that they played this weird tune at Big Cypress.

  94. N Watkins Reply

    Run like an antelope… makes me out of control

  95. georgia Reply

    it’s ice… and i was super happy to see it at the Gorge. really rift is just an awesome album!

  96. Ari Reply

    I love Walls of the Cave from Round Room. Its an epic song that I wish was played live more often.

  97. Vince Reply

    Reba, Antelope, Julius, Guyute, and Free are all so good…but there is something about Pebbles and Marbles and i just gotta go with it.

  98. Dani G Reply

    I have to go Fee from Junta. The song that got me hooked on Phish. It holds a sentimental spot in my heart!

  99. Ryan Silberkraus Reply

    I love almost everything off Junta, but my favorite Phish studio track is David Bowie. The band meshes so well. It is a perfect version.

  100. Frankie Reply

    I really like Birds of a feather off of Ghost! To me, it was the culmination of the late 97-98 sound and i really dig Mike’s loud bass! Woah! Check it!

  101. muffin Reply

    Lizards!! I love it and have from the first moment!

  102. The Wagger Reply

    Pebbles and Marbles. It was the first song on Round Room, the first thing we heard from them following the hiatus. And you can tell the version was originally a run-through because there are imperfections throughout, which is what makes it all the more enjoyable.

  103. Oliver Reply

    hands down, its YEM and represents Phish and will allways be!

  104. tim fassnacht Reply

    my favorite phish studio track is seven below, i know it is a wierd pick but the raw energy of the album really does capture the band it is best situation. seven below is just a really groovy song!

  105. Admiral French Pockets Reply

    Maze. The first song that was played to me back in 1994 as a college freshman that got me into the band.

  106. Nelson_M Reply

    Fee started it all; one listen and the next week I bought all albums to date (Junta -> Hoist)…

  107. JacksonH Reply

    It’s gotta be Demand. Mostly because it’s a SOAM jam with YSZ stuck on the end.

  108. DAVE Reply

    Fluffhead. Because the song is composed, the studio version doesn’t suffer from lack of jam section. I’ve always felt it is the bands masterpiece.

  109. John Ramseur Reply

    It’s Ice has to be it for me. Its just the peakest peak of Rift.

  110. bl68300 Reply

    Back on the Train. directly from the first Phish album I was given, and will always remain my favorite! Plus its super significant on all Phishy levels!

  111. Justin Reply

    My favorite studio Phish track of all time has to be David Bowie. This song is what sucked me in back in 9th grade. Junta still tops all other Phish studio albums to this day.

  112. Lex Reply

    My favorite studio track would have to be Theme from the Bottom from Billy Breathes.

  113. aoguitars Reply

    Reba! It was the first Phish I ever heard back in ’91 when a intern teacher played it for me. It blew my mind and ultimately set me on the music path. I still consider it one of the greatest Trey solos ever recorded.

  114. Scott Reply

    Maze. Some of my other favorite live songs don’t reach their potential on the album version, but the studio Maze is fantastic.

  115. posterNUTbag Reply

    oh my god. i don’t think i’ve seen it on here yet. but the correct answer is: SAND. The sound is perfect.

  116. Todd Reply

    Lengthwise. Because, it ain’t easy bein’ cheesy. this makes 10 words.

  117. Nathaniel Reply

    Backwards down the Numberline, heard it on 91.9 WFPK here in Louisville for the first time the other day, and was absolutely beside myself. Not only did it get me really pumped for my joy box, but I immediately thought it was better than any other studio effort I had heard.

  118. dayjob1978 Reply

    The crowd intrudes all day, till I’m finally Swept Away…

  119. Dave Reply

    Summer – Friend’s car: Esther’s crescendo commences – the soaring solo. I say “So this is the music I’ve been waiting to hear for my entire life?” An intoxicating amalgam of piqued interest, awe, and chills that only this band can tap into, which keeps me in their audience to this day.

  120. Jason Reply

    Fast Enough For You off of Rift was the first song that got me interested in the band. It’s really well produced and Gordon Stone’s pedal steel adds an extra dimension to the tune as well. Antelope off of Lawn Boy is a close second though.

  121. mainegabe Reply

    Moma Dance/End of Session. Funk, play on words, fade out and the blob.

  122. LEIP Reply

    Free – I had heard at my first few Phish shows, then many years later it was finally on a albumn…and rocked!

  123. Brian w Reply

    For me its a tie between Fee and Bliss.

  124. melissa Reply

    i’ve got to say Fluffhead is my favorite… it’s just so beautiful & interesting. I definitely wondered what the hell was with this band the time i heard it, and it hooked me forever!

  125. Hadley Webster Reply

    I’ve got to go with Divided Sky. Killer vocal harmony with a great, long composition that builds on itself like a classical piece does.

  126. Greg Reply

    I’ll go with Divided Sky. That’s really the track that got me into Phish in the 1st place!

  127. Mark Waltermire Reply

    My favorite Phish studio track is “Guyute”. The first time I listened to this song I completely lost it. I was giddy.

  128. Alex "Tela" Schneider Reply

    this is the toughest question HT could’ve asked. My Sweet One with fishman lyrics and the delicious page solo. lawn boy to me is the phishiest album.
    “and if your dog or cat ever dies, I’ll buy You a Ewe”

  129. Rocky Reply

    The Reba from Lawn Boy. Axilla from Hoist. Riker’s Mailbox from Hoist. It’s Ice from Rift. Split from Lawn Boy.

    But if I had to pick ONE song, it has to be:

    Free from Billy Breathes. Theme is up there too, as is Billy Breathes, the song.

    And the album, Billy Breathes will take the cake against all others.

    In the end, it’s Free. Great studio work.

  130. GDTRFB25 Reply

    Demand. There was jukebox at bar we hung at in college with hoist in it and we would always play it because the sweet split jam would keep the phish tunes going for a while with one play!

  131. Jason Reply

    It’s Ice from Rift because the lyrics seem to fit with my Gemini horoscope, the main character battling his darker “evil” reflection in the ice, excellent imagery throughout the song.

  132. ryan Reply

    Crap – tough to say. It’s not going to be a popular pick, but probably “Farmhouse.” More of a personal fave than some sort of objective choice.

    Otherwise, give me “YEM” or “Reba.” 🙂

  133. Leebert Reply

    Would have to go with Foam, Junta was the first Phish album I ever heard and my buddy from high school played it for me to convince me to go see them at the wetlands – 19 years later I’m still looking forward to my next show

  134. Brian Reply

    Rift has always been special song to me. The whole album is what got me into the band and I think this song had the biggest impact on me.

  135. c.petro Reply

    if i could i would…. just beautiful!!!

  136. William Moss Reply

    Looking forward to sugar shack. It’s got a different vibe I like hearing live.

  137. B-iLL Reply

    If I Could from Hoist…yeah, it’s uber-produced, yadda, yadda, but it’s beautifully arranged, and Allison Krauss’s (as well as the band’s) vocals are amazing. Song hit’s me in “that spot” everytime I hear it.

  138. Jason Reply

    If I had to pick a favorite studio track, it would be “Dirt.”

  139. Alan Reply

    Forgot my response had to have 10 words. SO there you are.
    I’ll pick you up at 8 as usual, listen for my HORN.

  140. Uberchef Reply

    I’ll go outside of the box, as the band did on my favorite track, and name FAHT as the pick! Love the sparse nature opening > discord > foghorn closer…classic.

  141. Michael Reply

    Definitely Julius. It’s really unfortunate though that unlike most other Phish songs, it doesn’t get better live, it actually gets worse.

  142. Holly Reply

    Probably If I Could, because the studio version is so clean and perfect it’s hard to add variation to make it better live. Plus, they can’t get Allison Krauss to sit in on every show.

  143. Eric Reply

    I’m going to have to go for Julius on this one.

  144. Dave from Philly Reply

    I’m going with Llama s my favorite studio track. They never pound it out live like the studio version, especially the opening drums,and I just love Trey’s distorted vocals!

  145. Dave from Philly Reply

    I’m going with Llama as my favorite studio track. They never pound it out live like the studio version, especially the opening drums,and I just love Trey’s distorted vocals!

  146. olyman Reply

    Fee would be the one, the one that started it all for me. IT was over after that!

  147. Billy The Mountain Reply

    I’d have to go with Theme From The Bottom. Beautifully recoreded and performed, and I cna listen to it over and over again. I really think it’s a masterpiece.

  148. Jdubbs Reply

    Bathtub Gin off Lawnboy around 89. Quirky but catchy .
    Got me hooked.

  149. Schnookms Reply

    Fluffhead made me want to see a banker.

  150. Eric Reply

    Theme From the Bottom has got to be my favorite studio track. I love to jam that one with the windows down in the car.

  151. Dann C Reply

    rift. its more than music , its art. phish is genre bending and amazing

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  153. Joel Reply

    I have always loved Julius off of Hoist. The live versions are great but never as jazzy as the album version.

  154. Schuyler Reply

    i have to say fee from junta

  155. Skip Reply

    chalk dust torture

  156. Luke Zehner Reply

    “Fast Enough For You” Reminds me of winter for some reason, Trey’s solo is spot on, less is more.

  157. Rick Reply

    A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing. I think it has such a different sound than other othe Phish song. I am mesmorized everytime I hear it.

  158. Rhythm Reply

    Divided Sky has always taken the cake, for me. Absolutely beautiful

  159. phunkky Reply

    If I could. You would think this is a difficult one but i would say most Phish songs are better heard live than in the studio, however I feel If I could stands out as one soulful song that was best captured in the studio.

  160. James Radawich Reply

    I have always love My Friend,My Friend.

  161. Jeff Reply

    Overall my favorite studio track would have to be Taste on Billy Breathes. I also really like the blob in between swept away/steep. A more obscure favorite studio track of mine would be What’s the Use on the Siket Disk.

  162. Marc Reply

    Reba…..heard it on CD summer of 1990 with the headphones on….never heard of Phish before. Blew. My. Mind.

  163. MJ Reply

    “Fluffhead > Fluff’s Travels”

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  165. readicculus Reply

    the story of the ghost! that I once knew, and talked to…

  166. RunAwayTim Reply

    I think that studio YEM is just incredible! They do insane things with it live, but the studio version is just as raw

  167. Mike Reply

    Axcilla II. Cause it’s the rawk with such a nasty groove. “Don’t shine that thing in my face man. I’m serious.”

  168. Jason Cameron Reply

    Run Like an Antelope from Lawnboy.

  169. Papa Phunk Reply

    It was Spring of 93 and Phish was touring promoting their new album “Rift”. I remember it well. Attending little Bloomsburg University in Central PA, we took a chance and asked Phish to come play our Haas Center for the Performing Arts on Feb 11th of that year. They said yes !!! A day that has changed my life for the better.

    And to that end I’ll also go with the title track “rift” from this spectacular album that has brought us so many enjoyable live show staples for years to come. 49 words once again, I counted.

  170. Tucker Reply

    I’d have to say my all time favorite studio track is PROBABLY “Brian and Robert”. The entire GHOST album is amazing (obviously), and B&R is so filled with emotion and love- just like JOY!

  171. Levi Reply

    Well, weigh off rift would probably be my favorite. It is just so goofy, yet soooo damn musical. Good shit.

  172. Colin Devlin Reply

    my fav phishy studio is probably Bathtub Gin.

  173. Andrew Reply

    I would have to go with The Wedge. I’ve seen it live, but its one of those rare phish songes where I prefer the studio version.

  174. Aldeenyo Reply

    Alumni Blues, it shows how raw they once were, and shows a lot of where their influence drew from.

  175. craig Frizz Reply

    David Bowie or any long composed Trey song. Help’s the fan realize what is composed and what is improvised. Some people unfamiliar with this tunes may not be able to differentiate the two.

  176. Bandnana Reply

    You Enjoy Myself! The first Phish song I fell in love with, and the first Phish song I heard live. The intricate composition combined with an open area for improvisation. Perfect.

  177. Sandra Cohen Reply

    My favorite studio track is Bathtub Gin. I love all the sound effects and silly nature of the song.

  178. Donald Smith Reply

    I know I’m in the minority here but I love Walls of the Cave!

  179. Jordan Reply

    My Friend, My Friend, because it was the first track that got me into this band.

  180. Marc Kantrowitz Reply

    Without a doubt it must be “Esther” from Junta. The sound of Fishman’s ride cymbals during the “tumble and dive through the clouds” part make me shiver. I set my clocks to it. Let’s hear it for this fabulous analog recording!

  181. William Reply

    Billy Breathes. Flying down I-81 South, traveling through Virginia, with the warm spring sun seeping through breaks in the clouds. As the music peaks, the light blue horizon shines immaculate, pulling you forward, and everything is right with the world.

  182. Zack C Reply

    always loved cars trucks and buses. Has a great jazz funk groove that would fit right in on a Groove Holmes or Jimmy Smith album.

  183. Talulablue Reply

    No doubt about it- Bouncin Round the Room- because that is the song that I use to turn other people on to Phish- gotta spread the joy…

  184. Bill Reply

    Fast Enough for You, it’s also funny because Phish mainly produced “Rift” themselves . . . except that FEFY!

  185. Nathan Reply

    “Cavern” was a big hook in my Phishhead mouth. the lyrics are so much fun.

  186. Mike Kelly Reply

    In 1992 I was a sophmore in highschool and I loved Phish but none of my friends got it…until I played them my favorite tune off Junta, David Bowie. Fast forward to 2009 and many of those friends still go to Phish shows. Thats powerful music.

  187. Derek Reply

    Favorite phish tune recorded is David Bowie.


  188. Brian Reply

    Free. The backwards guitar tracks. The harmonies are ten layers deep after the guitar solo. Just awesome.

  189. Tony Reply

    “If I Could” from Hoist. With Allison Krause on the vocals, it’s a track that unique and unlike the version you hear live.

  190. Jason Embry Reply

    I like Run Like an Antelope from Lawn Boy. I think it’s as close as you can get to a definitive version of a Phish song.

  191. Harrison Reply

    I’m gonna go with DWD because I laugh everytime I think of the music video

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  193. Panda Reply

    Horn. It is breathtakingly perfect. Trey’s tone is otherworldly.

  194. Kenny Fontaine Reply

    I absolutely agree with Horn. Everything on that studio track is perfect.

  195. Sandi Reply

    I agree with Phunkky on If I Could. It’s so full of emotion.

  196. PhrankB Reply

    Def rift. favorite album.

  197. Bret Berman Reply

    Sample In A Jar is my favorite Phish studio track of all time, because it’s so much fun to listen to when getting road head at 100 miles an hour!

  198. crow Reply

    YEM always did it for me – I always prefer a live version, but hearing the studio version brings back a lot of memories for me

  199. Rocko Reply

    Roggae! Roggae! Roggae! I mean, seriously, you know?

  200. Aaron H Reply

    Fluffhead! Still think Junta sounds good.

  201. rich tonge Reply

    my favorite all time studio phish tune has got to be demand. the way they meld that into real life happenings (a car drive) is genius.

  202. Daniel Reply

    Off the top of my head I’ll go with Billy Breathes…amaizng solo and so soulful

  203. Brian Jackson Reply

    My favorite studio track is Fee off of Junta for the sole purpose that this song is the reason that I got into Phish. I have never jumped off the wagon since. The song is so unlike the rest of their songs, yet was the bridge that took me into the rest of their catalog.this song is the one that hooked me! Pun intended.

  204. MFF0RD9 Reply

    answer to question 2:

    favorite phish studio track is “moma dance” from the story of the ghost, because they reprise the title track of the album during the jam and it is just so funky. may the moment never end…

  205. Ed Stevens Reply

    Sample in a Jar was the first song I heard and therefore is my favorite studio track.

  206. Heath Rains Reply

    This is a Question that can be unanswered, but I have always given my complete truthful answer and Tweezer from Picture of Nectar is definately it. It flows in and out never knowing when it will end, and when you think its gone it Reprises back. WOW!!

  207. Jared Reply

    Sample in a jar

  208. Seth Reply

    My favorite studio track by Phish is “Wading in the Velvet Sea.”

  209. JMARIE Reply

    Well it changes every few weeks but at the this time I still love dancing to Haley’s Comet..but I couldn’t tell ya the last time I listened to a studio album

  210. Nic C Reply

    Favorite studio recording must be Bug

  211. Ryan Reply

    Would have to be David Bowie off Junta. Love the feel to that whole song. Great energy with an amazing peak.

  212. The kill devil Reply

    My favorite studio track of all time is my friend, my friend from Rift because its the last song I listened to.

  213. Ty09 Reply

    My favorite studio album song of all time is Taste, though obviously much better live 😀

  214. Rick Reply

    If I could with allison krauss. makes me melt everytime i give it a listen

  215. ap123 Reply

    I’d have to say that my favorite Phish studio track, at the moment, is Esther.

  216. Nick Stock Reply

    The best Phish studio track of all time is probably Fluffhead. “but I’ve sure got some powerful pills… Oh Yeah.”

  217. Sean Reply

    old school


  218. will Reply

    My favorite studio track is fee. This was the first phish song I ever heard when I was a wee youngin.

  219. Alex Reply

    Has to be something off of Junta as that was my first studio album. Probably YEM or Bowie, I definitely wasn’t prepared for the epicness I was about to experience.

  220. dubs Reply

    My favorite track off a studio album is Union Federal. Had my first experience with mushrooms while listening to that one. Yikes!

  221. Michael Reply


  222. YN Reply

    my favorite studio phish track of all time is probably theme from the bottom, for it’s lush production, chaotic composition, and for just sounding pretty.

  223. Micah W Reply

    demand, what a way to end an album!

  224. Kev Reply

    My favorite is Meat. So beefy and crisp. I feel like I just got bassed by Mike everytime.

  225. Medina Reply

    Contact. The first Phish song I ever heard. I was about 7 years old, and loved listening to that song in the car.

  226. B-Radley Reply

    Wait. Phish has studio albums?

  227. mark Reply

    How about the “If I could” with Allison Kraus. I wish they could get her to come up on stage and sing that one if there paths ever cross.

  228. thescopi Reply

    Fast Enough for You– the pedal steel, the spot on lyrics (its place in the dream sequence…) and the George Harrison-esque solo Trey was so proud of when it came out.

  229. spacephunk Reply

    Moma Dance~ I thought that Ghost was such a dark and eerie composed album that phlows perfectly from start to finish. I feel like the Moma Dance is a culmination of the dark phunk and harmonizations that pulsate throughout the album. The Moment Ends!!!

  230. cureforpain Reply

    Favorite studio cut would have to be Esther – so well written, with words and music so well intertwined/meshed, it’s practically program music.

  231. bmo Reply

    There are so many to choose from, I like the ones that aren’t necessarily played live. If I could comes to mind with the string arrangement and the female backing vocals.

  232. sean yerzy Reply

    chaldust torture, it’s the only song where the Trey’s vocals are recorded at a slower speed, sounds odd.

  233. sean yerzy Reply

    chalkdust torture, it’s the only song where the Trey’s vocals are recorded at a slower speed, sounds odd.

  234. Sean Storts Reply

    Demand. Perfect balance of studio mastery, storytelling and Fan involvement all in one song.

  235. Jamie Killpack Reply

    My favorite Phish studio track of all time is Fluffhead. Definitely Fluffhead.

  236. Jeremy H. Reply

    Hands down, FEE. its the perfect song for someone who wants to get into phish.

  237. Jasmine Reply

    My favorite Phish studio track of all time has to be “The Inlaw Josie Wales” from Farmhouse. Listening to Trey’s fingers glide along the guitar strings in this lovely acoustic instrumental sends feelings of love and peace to me each and everytime.

  238. Dan Perez Reply

    The Squirming Coil is a fantastic piece. Beautiful sections of music played by each member of the band.

  239. Dustin Reply

    Way back when I was in high school I submitted Fee as a poem for an English class and recieved a B for a grade. This lady obviously didn’t not know how great a studio track this song was and how important it was to me!

  240. AntelopeFreeway Reply

    Guelah Papyrus

  241. Poster Nutbag Reply

    My favorite Phish studio track is “If I Could” with Alison Krauss. Anything with Alison Krauss can be considered “the best _____”.

  242. Taylor Franklin Reply

    Billy breathes transcends a studio recording into something greater. You could say this about most of the album, but the title track leaves me breathless every time.

  243. Dave D Reply

    My favorite all time studio tune by phish is Headphone Jam. Released separately and captured by accident it proves that studio work was fun for the guys. I listen to it regularly.

  244. Jay Fuller Reply

    I love the studio version of “Free”. Sometime live the harmonies can be off on the chorus but on the record……..air tight!

  245. scratchiti Reply

    Favorite Phish studio track of all time is Prince Caspian. Just SO beautiful with the slow intro.

  246. Elias Reply

    HOIST, as an album is really one track. The down time in between songs, when present at all, is the result of fade outs and not abrupt endings. I have always seen HOIST as one long multipart song

  247. AKess Reply

    Limb By Limb

  248. Vickers Reply

    Without a doubt, “Magilla” is my favorite phish studio track of all time. If you have not cranked this baby up to 11 on a bumping stereo system, you are not living life to the fullest.

  249. Skip Reply

    I’ll go with Reba on Lawn Boy as this was a track that really showed me how groundbreaking the band could be at an early stage in their career. The jam on this studio version is still on of my favorites. Focused and just explosive.

  250. Jeff Reply

    Easily for me it’s Billy Breathes. It shines in the studio like no ther Phish ballad has. It’s a tough one for them to pull off live, but on the LP, it’s gorgeous!

  251. rhett rainey Reply

    My favorite studio song by Phish has to be Fee off Junta. It was of the first songs I listened to, and has been a favorite ever since.

  252. Dan Epstein Reply

    Right now it’s Chalkdust Torture (Nectar).

  253. Kerry Reply

    Stash (Nectar) That winding weaving melody dances and makes you want to do the same

  254. Jicks Reply

    Reba. Amazing gain and tone on Trey’s solo. Unlike any other.

  255. makeithappen77 Reply

    Maybe because I’m getting old but right now I’m liking Farmhouse.

  256. headyesq Reply

    Bug. It is just perfect. I imagine it being chiseled out of a fantastic piece of marble and put on display in the Louvre.

  257. jameson akers Reply

    I may be in a minority here, but I think Phish reached musical perfection in a concise, radio-friendly, yet overlooked gem in “The Connection”

  258. Tom Reply


    YEM is YEM. Studio version tells the story well. Junta is great all around.

  259. K4Phish Reply

    My favorite Studio recorded.. is Bathtub Gin

  260. Alecia Gibson Reply

    My favorite studio song by Phish is “Backwards Down The Number Line” mainly because I’m not too familiar with their songs even though I’ve seen them in concert and they’ve been playing this one on the radio a lot lately.

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