Cover Wars: Going To California Edition

Great White: Do NOT skip this version in your listening. It’s ridiculous how authentic this one sounds. Unreal. Source: Great Zeppelin: Tribute To Led Zeppelin


Jake Shimabukuro: Really gorgeous stuff from this Hawaii-born ukulele phenom. Shimabukuro also released a studio version of Going To California on his 2007 release My Life. Source: 11-7-2007


Some Bonus Video:

John Cowan Band: I featured a John Cowan medley a few weeks back in Last Week’s Sauce, but that was not the inspiration for this week’s selection. The real reason I picked this song, well partially, is because at time of publishing, I’ll be on an airplane to California. Source: 2-23-2008


New Monsoon: Oh don’t you worry, I wasn’t going to forget the jambands all together this week. New Monsoon’s instrumentation and vocal range fits perfectly for this tune. Source: 7-28-2006


Ryan Montbleau Band: Ryan Montbleau has been showing up in a lot of recent Cover Wars pieces, but I assure it’s merely coincidental. His band keeps showing up when I search for the song I have selected, and it’s always too good to not include in the running. Source: 7-28-2005


Checking in on last week’s Sultans Of Swing Cover Wars, there is no big surprise – the readers have given a mandate to the arrangement by the Trey Anastasio Band.

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  1. i would’ve voted for Great White based on pure authenticity but the true spirit of ‘Cover Wars’, imho, has always been the artist/group that takes a great original and makes it uniquely theirs in some iconic way.
    Thus, my vote this week for Dread Zeppelin. my #2 was Jake Shimabukuro.

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