Celebrating 20 Years of Leftover Salmon

Way back on New Year’s Eve 1989, members of Left Hand String Band, Drew Emmitt and Glenn Keefe, joined Vince Herman and members of Herman’s band, The Salmon Heads, for a performance at the Eldo in Crested Butte under the moniker Leftover Salmon. After 20 years of carving their own path to success, the band will celebrate their anniversary with a pair of gigs on December 30 and 31 at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO.


A limited amount of tickets are available for each show through the band’s fan club, which you can join by signing up for the email list over at the group’s website. Those who sign up will receive a code to participate in the NYE presale and will get access to a free download of LoS’s main stage set at High Sierra. Tickets go on sale to the general public on September 18 through the Boulder Theater.

The founders of the “Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass” genre have a busy weekend ahead. On Saturday, the group will headline The Traffic Jam festival on the streets of Baltimore while on Sunday they’ll join Ekoostik Hookah at what has to be the 1,295th installment of Hookahville in Pataskala, OH.

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6 thoughts on “Celebrating 20 Years of Leftover Salmon

  1. AlexB! Reply

    my cousin does there artwork and got me in to jambands, we were the two black sheeps of the family for sure, awesome to see LoS back at it although hardly anyone cares about them anymore. they kind of fell off the radar like GSW.

  2. AlexB! Reply

    wish they EVER played out east.

  3. The Great Southern Brainfart Reply

    Is there any word on the band’s lineup. Unfortunately, after Mark Vann’s passing, the band seemed to loose steam and when Jeff Sipe and Tye North left I just felt the band took such a different turn that they actually lost me. I’d REALLY love to see them get back with Wooten on drums and Tye on bass. That would just be a facemelting tour without a doubt.

  4. Fernando Reply

    LOS is playing the east coast this weekend!
    they’re headlining the Traffic Jam festival in Baltimore on Saturday and playing 2 sets at Hookahville (near Columbus, Ohio) on Sunday.

    I certainly haven’t forgotten about them – they still kill it live. I think Sipe is playing with them now

  5. AleXB Reply

    oh yeah, baltimore = east coast, i just think of it as a city i like to avoid.

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