Giveaway: Vote on Festival 8 Finalists

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#2. Peter

“I’m thinking of wearing an ape suit with pajamas, donning a nightcap, ala ‘Sleeping Monkey.’ ”

#3. Phorbesie

“Joy album cover: I am thinking (for a girl) a black dress, and cover a band across the front of it with marbles or some such thing…thickly clustered in the center and spreading outward just like on the Joy album cover. You could also write Joy on your forehead or something :)”

#4. Micah Whiteside

“In the words of George Costanza:

‘I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.’

Well the time has come, the festival is located on the laid back left coast, it has to be socially acceptable to be covered in velvet at the ocho. Therefore, I will drape my body all in velvet and where chest high waders as I wade in the velvet sea…”

#5. Aaron

“A group of friends and I are going as ‘an angry mob of joggers coming up to knock her down’  “

#6. James Madsen

“My girl is ordering a Traffic Light Costume. I will be suited up like Mr. Slave from Southpark, complete with some black leather and a leash (but not too raunchy or uncomfortable!). Together, we make Slave to The Traffic Light.”

#7. Randy

“I’m going to pull off a cool pair of bell bottom wizard pants and some alistair crowley attire with a guitar and cello bow, some stationary, some pens and someone will write me,Jimmy Page, a letter!”

#8. Danfun

“I would re-wear a previous costume I made here is a image of it.


I guess you could say it is Mike Gordon costume. It also fits the theme of being in a desert.”

#9. Casey Ryback

If you give me the ticket I will dress up as Morgan Freeman, freckles and all. To make it Phish related I would wear a Phish shirt but with a blazer over it because Morgan Freeman is classy. I would take about Penguins and Andy Dufragne all night. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.’ “

#10. Rick

Have a group costume here. “Boy, Man, God, shit” boy=childlike attire. Man=business suit. God=beard/robe. and shit=Mr. hankey custom. Gonna be SICK!!!!

Finally, we wanted to thank our loyal readers for putting in over 2,000 entries to our Phish Joy Box giveaway. We’re pleased to announce that entries from Bradford Elliott of Gansevoort, NY and Kyle Gilligan of New York, NY were picked at random. Congrats to Bradford and Kyle on each winning a copy of the Joy Box. Earlier today, our friends at Phish posted this video…

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17 thoughts on “Giveaway: Vote on Festival 8 Finalists

  1. Alex Reply

    cactus and boy man god shit

  2. zappafrank Reply

    Two New York winners? This Phish/East Coast elitism has gone on too long! This aggression will not stand!

    Seriously though, love the contest. Thanks for all the opportunities.

  3. _goff. Reply

    angry mob of joggers!

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  5. Brian Wagner Reply

    Yeah come on think outside of NY, lol congrats to those who won.

  6. kiely Reply


  7. Greg Reply

    Slave to the Traffic Light LOL!

  8. Dustin Reply

    I didn’t realize the joy contest was a pick at random. What a bummer man!

  9. Colin Reply

    Jay is obviously a baller.

  10. Krispy Reply

    Oh just to see Jay as Mr. Slave…. I mean Zzzzzeeeeesus Christ !!!!

  11. joe Reply

    Wading in the Velvet Sea!!!! love the velvet

  12. Ray H Reply

    ?Are you serious those are better than a working catapult?

  13. brittany Reply

    yeah to the slave to the traffic light!!!!!!!!holla holla……..chocolate faces!!!!

  14. scalliewaggg Reply


  15. Nickie Peardon Reply

    Jay-Walking! Love you, Nickie

  16. ShamWow 4 Lyf Reply

    i’d vote for the slave costume if it was the guy wearing the traffic light and his girl in a slave Leia costume.

    The amount of win would be off the charts

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