Through The Years: Neil Young (’66 – ’09)

1966: The Mynah Birds – I’ve Got You In My Soul (Studio)
1967: Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (Live @ Monterey Pop)
1968: Buffalo Springfield – Questions (Studio)
1969: CSNY – Down By The River (TV Appearance)
1970: The Loner (Live @ Finjan’s)
1971: Needle and the Damage Done (TV Appearance)
1972: Old Man (TV Appearance)
1973: Sweet Joni (Live Audio)
1974: CSNY w/ Joni Mitchell: Helpless (Live)
1975: Missing From YouTube
1976: Like a Hurricane (Live)
1977: Powderfinger (Acoustic Demo – Audio)
1978: After The Goldrush (Live)
1979: The Trasher (Live – Rust Never Sleeps)
1980: Missing From YouTube
1981: Neil w/ Danny Shea Band – Nadine (Live)
1982: Sugar Mountain (Live Audio)
1983: Mr. Soul (Extended Remix Audio)
1984: Neil w/ Waylon Jennnings – Are You Ready For The Country?
1985: Nothing Is Perfect (Live @ Live Aid)
1986: Touch The Night (Live in Baltimore)
1987: Farmer’s Song (Live @ Farm Aid)
1988: Neil w/ Jerry, Bobby and Rob – Wang Dang Doodle (Live)
1989: Rockin’ In The Free World (Music Video)
1990: Don’t Spook The Horse (Studio Audio)
1991: Fuckin’ Up (Live Weld)
1992: Pocahontas (Live)
1993: Neil w/ Booker T and the MGs – This Note’s For You (Live)
1994: Neil Plays with his toy trains (Interview)
1995: I’m The Ocean (Live in Salzburg)
1996: Hey Hey, My My [Into The Black] (Live at Phoenix Festival)
1997: Siskel and Ebert Call Year of the Horse Worst Movie of ’97
1998: Neil w/ Phish: Down By The River (Live at Farm Aid)
1999: Missing From YouTube
2000: CSNY – Southern Man (Live)
2001: I’ve Been Waiting For You (Live)
2002: Let’s Roll (Live)
2003: Sedan Delivery (Live at Bonnaroo)
2004: Neil w/ Bruce Springsteen – All Along The Watchtower (Live)
2005: Neil w/ Los Lobos – Cinnamon Girl (Live at Shoreline)
2006: Four Strong Winds (Live at Farm Aid)
2007: From Hank to Hendrix (Live)
2008: Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Live in Amsterdam)
2009: Cortez The Killer (Live at BDO Festival)

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