Redesigned Phish.Net Site Goes Live

I first hopped on the ‘net way back in 1993, when only a small portion of the population had internet access. I enjoyed playing around with a number of online services including PCLink (a forerunner to AOL), Compuserve and Prodigy, but late in 1993 I fell in love with the music of Phish and wanted to learn as much about the band as possible. Thanks to a book called Net Guide, I found out that I could discuss Phish with other fans through a newsgroup called and that I could download all sorts of information about the band through a fan-run project called


Back in those days, you needed to access through a protocol called Gopher that was heavy on text and light on graphics. Within a year or two, the World Wide Web took off and the people who ran were early adopters of the web and quickly made all of the information on the Gopher site easily accessible through Since that time there hasn’t been many upgrades to the look and feel of…until today.

Through the hard work of a dedicated team of Phish-loving volunteers, the “new” has replaced the antiquated old site. Now, you can create your own profile, track shows you’ve seen, discuss the band with other  fans and so much more. Phish fans will benefit from the hundreds of hours of work the team put into the site and we’ve been told to expect more new features to be rolled out in the coming months. We want to say thanks to everyone who was involved in the redesign including longtime friends of HT Jeremy Welsh, Scott Marks and Ellis Godard.

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4 thoughts on “Redesigned Phish.Net Site Goes Live

  1. zappafrank Reply

    Nice! Look forward to wasting time there!

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  3. _Goff. Reply

    ahhhh! dems were the days… Using the net for Phishy purposes back in ’94. Back when “Phishing” wasn’t a term describing some e-crime.

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