F4tF: 2009 NYCWFF Burger Bash 10.9.09


Nick Mangold of the Jets

Regarding the burgers, yes, I tried just about every one that was there. Lure’s was my favorite by far, Minetta Tavern’s was the best flavor (beef-wise), Wollensky Grill was grinding dry aged beef on the spot and making burgers from it.  Dumont Burger, Spotted Pig and Gus & Gabriels were all very good as well.  In addition to the burgers being presented there were also some interesting beverages served with a few of the burgers.  Spike served a Toasted Marshmellow Milkshake with his, Bobby Flay served a Vanilla Caramel Bourbon Milkshake with his and Fatty Crab served Rum Lime & Tabasco shots with theirs.  The best thing served with any burger though was the Chocolate Fudge that City Hall was giving out with their burgers.

If sweets were your thing, they had that covered too with Cake Man Raven and Jacques Torres Chocolates.

At the end, two winners were announced:  Josh Capon of Lure won the People’s Choice Award and Spike Mendelsohn won The Judge’s Pick.


Guy Fieri and me at the Burger Bash!

My recollection (and picture taking) got a little fuzzier as the night went along with all of the booze and burgers floating around.  However there are some other great recaps of the evening:

Eater’s Hangover Observations from The Burger Bash

The Feedbag’s 2009 Burger Bash, The Slideshow

The NY Post’s Crushing the competition at Burger Bash

In closing I just want to say that there was one other person I enjoyed meeting and speaking with that night…


Martha and Me!

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3 thoughts on “F4tF: 2009 NYCWFF Burger Bash 10.9.09

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  2. Evan Reply

    Spike ripping off the Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake from Stand?

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