Live From Indio: Phish in 3D

Published: October 31, 2009

Before set one I had the opportunity to chat with a VP at AEG and he took me and a couple of friends over to their video trailer to show some us some 3D video footage recently shot at a Dave Matthews concert.


[Photos from Phish Festival 8 by Regan Teti Marscher]

Very cool technology, he said they’re shooting all eight sets in 3D and are hoping to have some sort of theatrical release in April or May of 2010. The couple tunes we watched were very well done, especially the shots taken from the side of the stage where there are objects like saxophones on stands in the foreground. They also some had Jay-Z footage playing later. Ridic.

Visually, the lights on the palm trees are something else, nicely done. The video screens are very large, very bright, and very clear. If you are situated anywhere in front of the SBD it feels like you’re already watching Phish “at the movies” as most people’s eyes are set on the screens and not the stage as a whole like you normally see.


Best quote of the night, for me anyway. A group of us were sitting down on the ground between sets one and two when a displaced girl rolled up and said, “Is there a dancing banana here by you guys?” Hilarity ensued. A few people already in costume tonight and in the spirit. Gotta call it a night and grab some much needed shut-eye before a day of three sets tomorrow.

Check back later for more from Dave and Regan.

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  1. Quick clarification, I’m not sure if this necessarily an IMAX release. It’s some type of next-gen 3D release, they are using a new type of 3D glasses and the demo we were showed was just on a regular 42-inch flatscreen HDTV.

    I’ll try and get some clarification on that today.

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