Video: Phish – Undermind @ Festival 8

One of the more intriguing jams of the weekend at Phish’s Festival 8 came out of the title track from 2004’s Undermind. Take a look…

Phish – Undermind (live @ Festival 8)

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3 thoughts on “Video: Phish – Undermind @ Festival 8

  1. Scott Apicella Reply

    I have to agree. From listening to all three shows on Sirius, this was some of the most wacky, brilliant stuff coming from Trey’s guitar. They rest of the band was completely on point with new direction his sound was going. I was very impressed.

    Apicella Rocks!

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  3. timm Reply

    i was there, the whole weekend was amazing, but in my opinion page was the backbone/leader to this song not trey. they showed close ups of him and he was “into”it!

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