Video: Weezer – Snuggie Infomercial

Last week, alt.pop-rock act Weezer declared their love for everyone’s favorite blanket with sleeves the Snuggie, by donning them for the second of their two-night stand on the Late Show. The band has taken things a step further by introducing their very own line of Snuggies.

Check out their infomercial for it…

WeezerSnuggie Infomercial

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2 thoughts on “Video: Weezer – Snuggie Infomercial

  1. Gabriel Chilag Reply

    I love it! I was looking for a tie-dye Snuggie with the Phish logo, and found this instead. Way to go guys. Can I get one tye-dyed?

  2. Sherrie Taylor Reply

    I agree with Gabriel Chillag, can I get one tye-dyed too?

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