Hors d’Oeuvres: Replace Tyler? Dream On

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on the growing animosity between Steven Tyler and the rest of his Aerosmith band mates. Now that the band has performed the four remaining shows on their schedule it appears as if the days of a Tyler-fronted Aerosmith are over as per guitarist Joe Perry’s interview with the Las Vegas Sun.

If Perry and his mates think they can replace Tyler easily they should have a chat with the Velvet Revolver boys. You’d think replacing Cracky Weiland would about 100x times easier than replacing Tyler and they’ve made no progress on that front since Weiland was fired/quit Velvet Revolver.

Let’s take a look at six other stories of interest…

Finally, we were sad to read the terrible news that drummer Jerry Fuchs passed away this weekend after an accident involving an elevator in Brooklyn on Saturday night. Fuchs played with a number of HT Faves including !!!, LCD Soundsystem and The Juan MacLean. R.I.P. Jerry.

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  1. Weiland fronted a band (STP) whose first album (Core) was certified 6x platinum by the RIAA, second album (Purple) certified 8x platinum, third album (Tiny music from the Vatican gift shop) certified 2x platinum, fourth album (No.4) certified platinum, and final album (Shangri La Dee Da) certified gold.

    That’s over 17.5 million albums sold.

    Velvet Revovler sold a few records, too.

    Sure, the guy has a drug problem, and in the early 90’s, they were considered by critics as derivitave of Pearl Jam and Nirvana… but I wouldn’t exactly call that terrible company, and would put their music above that of say, Creed, but your statement is a little harsh.

    They guy can sing.

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