Bloggy Goodness: MMJ Gets Animated

While My Morning Jacket continue their extended hiatus, they did manage an animated reunion. The Southern Rockers will be featured prominently in an upcoming episode of Fox’s American Dad entitled My Morning Straightjacket, where lead character Stan Smith becomes a groupie. The show’s co-creator got the idea during MMJ’s now legendary performance at Bonnaroo ’08 and has gone on to dub them “American Dad’s official band.”


The episode will air Sunday, Nov. 22 at 9:30PM ET and will feature six songs from The Jacket, which will be packaged with outtakes from the episode for a special digital EP to be make available on iTunes.

Finally, ever since Janet Jackson’s boob was exposed in 2004’s debacle, the NFL has avoided any sort of edgy, modern acts as contenders to perform at halftime during the Super Bowl. The past few years have featured the likes of Macca, The Boss and The Rolling Stones all taking the stage for truncated greatest hits sets. This year will be no different as Sports Illustrated is reporting that The Who will entertain the Super Bowl XLIV crowd at Landshark Stadium in Miami and the millions watching at home on Feb. 7.

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