The B List: Best Costumes @ Festival 8

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9. Kentucky Fried Kiki


[Photo by John Del Signore – LAist]

The LAist caption says it all “she even danced old.”

8. Ms. Pac-Man


[Photo by Melany]

Believe it or not there were actually two groups of people dressed up as Pac-Man characters. We’ll give extra points to the crew of 10 for taking it beyond the original game into the realm of the Ms. Pac-Man sequel.

7. The Female Cop


[Photo by Tony Landa]

She can put us under arrest anytime. There were plenty of complaints about folks who freaked everyone out because their cop costumes looked too realistic, but I don’t think anyone doubted that this woman wasn’t there to protect and serve.

6. Wookbusters


[Photo via @UNOlker]

There were plenty of amazing group costumes, but Wookbusters was our favorite. We hope they bagged themselves #17 before the weekend was over.

5. The Robot

We not only love this costume, we also love that The Robot kept in character while dancing the night away.

4. Man on a Llama


[Photo by Adam Kaufman]

Our pal Bradley spent days building this costume only to have it break in shipping. Thankfully he was able to put it together with the help of his wife MacGyver-style.

3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan


[Photo by Adam Kaufman]

We hear that ol’ Hacksaw didn’t break character all weekend.

2. Golden Shower


[Photo by Jeff Miller of the OC Register]

We heard so much about Mr. Golden Shower before we saw the picture that we just couldn’t believe the costume would live up to the hype. We were wrong.

1. Phish Bobbleheads


[Submitted by Piner]

They nailed it from the basic idea to execution. Bonus points for how good the instruments look and for paying tribute to the band who performed all weekend. Gotta love Page’s new shirt.

So what were your favorite costumes at Festival 8? Let us know what we missed by leaving a comment below…

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21 thoughts on “The B List: Best Costumes @ Festival 8

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  2. noah_s Reply

    The Teen Wolf who could actually spin a basketball on his finger and howl was great too, and Spy vs Spy that stalked each other during set break were amazing too

  3. eric s Reply

    I didn’t see Spy v Spy until well after the show. They were stalking each other around the ferris wheel while Halloween was playing on the big screen. Nice costumes and some late night dedication!

  4. Jeff Miller Reply

    Thanks for using my Golden Shower pic! My other fave was Doc Brown and Marty McFly!


  5. @PhrankB Reply

    Where’s Mets guy???

  6. readicculus Reply

    the only one I think you missed was the mariachi band

  7. John Reply

    Yeah, I saw Spy Vs. Spy too! LOVED IT. And somehow I didn’t think to take a photo or video! That lady cop? Good grief…. That ain’t legal either.

  8. pmonk's wife Reply

    that robot is sexy. i’d jump his robot bone.

  9. Poster Nutbag Reply

    you missed the guy dressed as walter sobchak from the big lebowski (dead-on) and the pair dressed as chris farley and patrick swayze from the chippendales SNL sketch (they even learned the moves).

  10. headyesq Reply

    Dear Scotty,

    That is exactly the robot I was talking about. I want to say he should get extra points for having to be fed everything by his friends because his arms couldn’t reach around his outfit to his mouth. Also, he had a rotating 8 on his head and only responded to questions in a robot voice.


    P.S. This may be the least wise ass thing I have ever posted here. It feels weird.

  11. JC4 Reply

    Did anyone see Michael Vick? Definitely, the most twisted costume…a guy in a Vick jersey, with an afro, and carrying around bloody dogs on a leash.

  12. shaun Reply

    the GLO-BOTS were the best!!

  13. jaybird Reply

    hmmm…that non-golden shower costume looks like the jelly fish that were floating around at SCI Halloween 05 at Orleans area in Las Vegas!!

  14. jeff c. Reply

    i saw a fantastic kenny powers (with mullet) run past me, but all of these are quality costumes!

  15. Mr. Rogers Reply

    where’s the “Money You Could Be Saving With Geico” dude?

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  18. Dranny Reply

    I actually hung out with the golden shower guy for a little while, but my crew was trying to get somewhere and he kept getting stopped so often by people wanting to take his pic that we had to say adios. And the guy that dressed up like Walter Sobchak looked so much like him I did a double-take when I saw him sitting on a picnic bench on my way to get a cocktail. 8 was the all-time greatest. I feel so grateful to have been there. Hopefully they do it again next year!

  19. CO High Country Reply

    Great top ten guys!
    but do we the public have access to the whole list? I would LOVE to see more more more!!!! there sooooooo many great costumes!

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  21. Jonathan Reply

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