Turning The Tables on Carrie Brownstein

Jambands.com published a number of new features yesterday including Brian Robbins’ chat with Jim Weider, Mike Greenhaus’ conversation with John Medeski and Greg McLoughlin’s (of BuzzUniverse) heart-warming story. As much as I enjoyed those articles, there’s one piece that jumped out at me – David Paul Kleinman’s The Carrie Brownstein Project.


As you might recall, Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein spent one week listening to nothing but Phish in an effort to figure out why so many people either love or hate the quartet for NPR’s Monitor Mix blog. Brownstein bought a few Phish albums, reached out to the Phish fans for suggestions and even met a group of fans to discuss the band they love. For David Paul’s Jambands.com feature he flipped the script in an attempt to understand what critics and Sleater-Kinney fans see in Brownstein’s music.

Kleinman did his best to only listen to Sleater-Kinney for one whole week. Just like Brownstein, he reached out to a number of S-K fans to seek out the best the band had to offer and tried to put his biases against the group – his ex-girlfriend was a big S-K fan – out of his mind for the course of the week. Does Kleinman love Sleater-Kinney now? Read the article to find out.

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  1. Really torn on his article. It is more a personal roller coaster of a broken relationship, and a comparison between “hipster v hippy” than a serious attempt to do what Brownstein did IMO.

    Well, if nothing else, it is honest.

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